What is a Facebook Pixel?

What is a Facebook Pixel?

From a technical point of view, the Facebook pixel is nothing more than a piece of code capable of tracking the passage of users on your website.

This analytics tool is useful for anyone who wants to analyse the effectiveness of the advertising offered by the social network, and steer it in the right direction.

Its operation is based on the analysis of cookies left in the various search browsers.

How is the pixel created?

Installing the pixel is very simple.

It is done directly via Facebook and you can do it in three different ways: manually via CMS, through Google Tag Manager, or you can send an email with the instructions to your developer.

With all three methods, it is essential that the generic code is inserted into the header of all pages on the site so that it can be fully controlled.

Verifying Pixel Activation

Once the installation is complete, many people may wonder if it was done correctly; it is possible to check that the whole process went well using the "Test events" tool.

To be able to check this tool, it is necessary to look at the "Diagnostics" tab which is found under event management, in order to be able to read the code and check any problems linked to the configuration of events.

At this stage, you can download "Facebook Pixel Helper" and go to your webpage where the code is located to check if it is present.

Once you’re sure it’s all set up, the pixel will fire when someone takes an action on your site.

This could include adding an item to their shopping basket, or making a purchase.

This information is fed to the pixel, which you can view from your Facebook pixel page under Events Manager.

From there, the actions that your customers take will be visible to you, while you’ll also have options to reach those customers again via future Facebook ads.

Why should you create the Facebook pixel?

A lot of people rely on Google Analytics to track their site visits online, so why use Facebook Pixel?

One of the many reasons companies rely on Pixel is because of its ability to provide better cross-device tracking than the competition from Google.

Indeed, Facebook is a social network capable of always remaining in the background on users' devices and therefore has a greater possibility of analysis throughout the day.

Aside from this, Pixel also offers machine learning.

Machine learning is able to better educate and index your ad campaign, removing unnecessary information and highlighting the most relevant to the target user.

Through Pixel, you will also be able to create audiences on which to create better performing campaigns and track conversions from Facebook campaigns.

When you need to create multiple Facebook pixels

When we have several websites, it is necessary to associate a pixel with each of them. It will therefore be necessary to create additional accounts and place a new pixel on each site.

This can be done from the Business Manager by first creating a new account and then using the pixel creation procedure described above.

The importance of Facebook pixel for a business

Being able to convey the performance of your advertising campaigns and verify user reaction and behaviour is the basis of a powerful marketing strategy.

Analysing traffic data on your website and planning a marketing strategy can be a long and tedious process when done manually.

However, if this process is done quickly and efficiently by software such as the Facebook Pixel, it becomes so much easier for businesses to improve processes.

With Facebook Pixel, you’ll better understand your current and potential audience. Facebook pixel gives you deeper insights as you identify browsing and purchasing activity.

Facebook Pixel also enables you to target (and retarget) relevant, high-value audiences. You can even market items to a buyer that complement their buying history.

What’s more, you can appeal to quick shoppers who are searching for simple elements (such as reviews or price) that will quickly help them to make purchasing decisions.

With that ad data, you’ll be better able to determine what ad formats are best to use for specific buyers.

Overall, Facebook Pixel is an incredible resource that is well-worth using if you want to attract the right people to your website, promote in-store traffic and increase sales. Without one, you are clearly missing out on so many benefits.

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