Developing a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Performing web marketing by preparing a digital strategy means understanding which actions will bring the results you want, without proceeding haphazardly among the different possibilities offered by the web.

Many companies approach the digital world without having clear ideas and without knowing the strengths offered by the process. As such, they end up losing out on opportunities, time and even money.

A well-prepared and reliable web agency, such as EWM, guides your business to success. EWM, a web agency in Geneva, helps your company to make itself known on the web and to increase the number of your customers.

From an initial analysis of your website on SEO reviews to the editorial planning of the content on your blog or your social media profiles, we identify the strengths to exploit to obtain quality traffic and reach the most suitable target for your activity.

How to prepare a web strategy

· Analysis of client objectives

· Product or service analysis

· Competition analysis

· Analysis of web management (website, social channels, advertising campaigns)

· Communication analysis

Customer objectives

There are many goals that can be achieved by digital marketing.

The first thing to understand with the customer is to know exactly what to expect from them and where they are starting from. The objectives may be different depending on whether it is a new project or an established and well-known company.

What can you achieve with a digital marketing strategy?

· Brand awareness

· Brand reputation

· Lead generation

· Sales increase

· Increase in clientele

· Customer loyalty

After the preliminary analysis, we study the appropriate strategy according to your budget.

Analysis of clients' objectives

Digital marketing achieves a variety of goals.

The first thing to understand with the customer is what is expected from them, and where they are starting from.

The objectives may be different depending on whether it is an organisation or project in the development stages, or an established and well-known company.

Analysis of customer products

To prepare a good strategy, you need to realistically examine your products and the services you offer, and understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Honest and objective analysis is an important basis for marketing. You can't expect to sell something that you don't like or need. That’s where we come in; we review your products and highlight critical and positive factors.

Competition analysis

Always watch what your competition is doing and how they are working.

To do this, first identify your competitors and their marketing positioning, and examine their website and customer experience. Review their social media, including their overall presence, and level of activity. Lastly, find out information such as whether or not they’re hiring, or seeking additional funding.

Analysis of web management

We analyse how the web part of your business has been run. We start by checking the site design, graphics, layout and usability of the site.

We also perform an SEO analysis of the site and the content, keywords used and search engine positioning.

If social channels and paid campaigns have been used, we analyse the use of social and online advertising to assess your starting points.

Communication analysis

How do you communicate with your potential customers? How do you communicate with your customers?

Our digital marketing agency examines the way you communicate across the different channels of the web to see if you are doing it right.

What does your business need to grow online?

EWM takes care of your every digital marketing need, including site optimization and positioning, analysis of site performance and traffic, integrated online and offline communication plans, advertising campaigns, social media management, inbound marketing and much more.

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