Google Ads Campaigns: Everything you Need to Know

Google Ads Campaigns: Everything you Need to Know

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are one of the most popular web marketing tools and are used the most to increase visibility on the Google search engine.

Through text or visual ads and the purchase of certain keywords, you can quickly intercept and reach customers who search for products or services related to your business on Google to direct them to your site or to a business page.

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Google Ads web marketing campaigns are divided into SEO campaigns, based on user organic searches, display remarketing campaigns.

Ads are placed on Google partner websites, video campaigns and mobile app campaigns.

Google Ads campaigns: What you need to do

· Home page

Have or make a homepage relevant and optimised for the ad.

· Think about the target

Set up the campaign with the right targeting criteria.

· Good keywords

Choose the keywords related to ad groups carefully.

· Quality announcements

Create effective ads with a good quality score.

· Use reverse match keys

To filter the type of users you do NOT want to reach.

· Monitor everything

Monitor the effectiveness of the ads, keywords, and keyword matches you choose.

· Understand what users are looking for

Monitor search terms used by users.

· Analyse campaign progress

Use the appropriate tools to verify and understand the results of the campaign.

Paid Google Ads campaign: All the advantages

Intercept searches from interested users

Investing in a paid Google ads campaign gives you the ability to intercept searches from users interested in your products/services and make your site or homepage visible quickly.

Reach prospects at every stage of the buyer journey

What’s more, with Google’s massive reach, you will benefit from being featured on the world’s largest search engine.

Thanks to a range of targeting capabilities, you’ll be able to reach prospects at every stage of the buyer journey.

For instance, by bidding on broad keyword search terms, your ad will be featured at the earlier stages of your product research process, which will allow you to:

· Capture their information with your post-click landing page, then send them relevant content that validates your authority

· In the event that they do not convert, you can use retargeting software to attract them back until they do

You can also bid on long-tail keyword search terms to capture the attention of people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

These are typically less expensive, but very valuable to your business as they are targeted at users who have more intent.

Adjust campaigns accordingly

The ability to continuously monitor the progress of the campaign, make changes and optimise the content as it unfolds is an added benefit.

You also get full control at all times throughout your campaigns. This makes it easy to stop and start campaigns and reach the right people at the right price, all at the click of a button.

In addition, with the right communication strategy, the budgets used are much lower than those of other types of traditional offline advertising.

Tailor promotions

This is an excellent tool for making promotions at certain times of the year, during which you must considerably increase your visibility on the web.

Get quicker results that SEO

While SEO remains the backbone of most popular websites, by running ads, you’ll boost the likelihood of being seen first by potential customers.

Increase brand awareness

Google Ads are so much more versatile than simply driving traffic through pay-per-click ads on search engine results pages.

They’re also a superb tool for increasing brand awareness, which is something most major marketers prioritise.

Maximise ROI with various bidding strategies

To reach your specific marketing goals while minimising budget spend, Google recommends a number of strategies:

· CPC bidding: (Cost-Per-Click) if your goal is to drive website traffic

· CPM bidding: (Cost-Per-Viewable Impressions) if you’re trying to increase brand awareness (only available on the Google Display Network)  

· CPA bidding: (Cost-Per-Action bidding) Google recommends you use CAP bidding when you’re focused on conversions such as purchases or sign-ups.

Why use Google Ads?

Google Ads is ideal for businesses of all types, sizes, budgets and advertising goals, as billions of people from across the globe use Google each and every day to find what they are looking for.

By capitalising on Google variety of ad possibilities, your business stands a greater chance of targeting specific audiences with managed campaigns that generate superb results.

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