Executing a Successful Social Media Campaign

Executing a Successful Social Media Campaign

Leverage original content and social media networks to reach new customers

The world of marketing has changed.

Search engine advertising dominates digital marketing budgets, social media marketing is now the preferred method to reach your target market, and content is king.

Social media and content marketing are two examples of how modern internet advertising is now available to everyone, and is used around the world to promote products and businesses in every industry on the planet.

However, they are best used in tandem, each enhancing the strengths of the other, and are brilliantly effective when used correctly.

The term “social media content marketing” could be used to describe this harmonious relationship, which can be found in every corner of the digital community.

Social media is the backbone of digital community and online communication.

Social media marketing is one of the most widely-used advertising channels in the world of digital marketing. While organic reach has dropped in recent years, paid social advertising is on the rise across the board.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are full of paid ads and various marketing options to promote your goods and services.

Content marketing is the creation of written, visual or mixed media content to educate, inform and empower online users within a defined target audience. When a marketer talks about "content" in this way, it's often in the form of blog posts or news articles published on their website.

However, the future lies in creating audio-visual content that works well on mobile devices as well as traditional computer systems. Social media and content marketing are certainly separate promotional strategies in the digital space, but they can be used in harmony to achieve prolific results.

Content delivers value, social media delivers the message

Original content, often written in the form of a blog, is heard on social media.

Writing informative blog posts that provide insight, advice, or professional expertise adds substance and value to a customer's online experience.

Social media is an incredibly popular digital arena where most of these potential customers spend their time online. As such, it makes perfect sense for content to be promoted on social media, bringing inherent value to the user when they are engaged and active online.

In paid social media marketing, selling is involved with subtlety. A great social ad won't look like an advertisement at all, as it warmly invites users to explore the content you've produced.

Once the customer experiences the content on your original website, direct selling is also not the preferred message. On the contrary, good content marketing involves educating, providing information, and providing insight into a topic of interest to that audience.

Through the use of popular social channels, published content maximises reach by creating a direct line of communication with specific users and potential customers.

Social media relies on building virtual communities, and these built-in audiences help you deliver content to those who are most likely to enjoy it. Social media channels also allow consumers to interact directly with the organisation or business where they can express their needs, wants, and values.

Social media content marketing: how to bring it all together

"Content Marketing for Social Media" is an excellent approach and strategy, as it concisely and accurately describes the ideal online advertising strategy for the modern age.

The connection between social media and content marketing is obvious to anyone who understands a sales funnel.

Content marketing aims to attract and retain customers by systematically creating valuable and relevant media with the goal of influencing consumer understanding through education and communication. Awareness of a brand or product is further heightened by a positive social media presence, establishing an ongoing process that benefits all parties involved.

Now that you understand the goal of combining social media and content marketing for online outreach, you need to learn how to achieve that goal.

Learning how to plan an effective marketing strategy is not an easy task, but there are specific terms and tactics that can help you learn the ropes.

When planning your social media content strategy, you need to understand and consider:

Target market:

The internet is vast and extensive, especially in the world of social media. When creating a digital marketing campaign for social media content, the first thing to consider is your audience. Who do you distribute your content to? Who gets the most value from your content? This is where you define your audience, and to achieve this you must first understand what their needs and wants are.

Content type:

After successfully defining your target market and ideal social audience, you decide on the content type and channel to use for your content creation. It could be a native blog, a digital video hosting space, website surveys, downloadable white papers, or all of the above!

Content creation and distribution:

After deciding what type of content you need to use, the next step is to create valuable content. This can be on your own site or third-party blogs, but the goal is social media distribution.

Brand voice:

After creating your content, you really want to decide what type of voice or tone you want to use to present your content on social media. This brand voice should be authentic, natural, and speak to your audience in a way that appeals to their character traits. Your voice can be professional and formal, or fun and light-hearted, but it all depends on the channel and the audience.

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