What is Digital PR?

What is Digital PR?

The goal of the use of digital PR is to enhance your online visibility by placing your SEO and public relations efforts on platforms that are internet-based.

As with conventional PR, this method involves reaching out to journalists and others in the media. However, in addition, you should also think about expanding your reach to influencers and bloggers.

Link building and digital PR outreach allow you to improve your online reputation by increasing your credibility and ability to reach out to potential customers.

Partnering with companies with audiences similar to yours and similar web traffic is a smart strategy that will yield long-term advantages.

Digital PR Benefits

Link building is an important element that can help you to realise these advantages.

Increased credibility

One of the ways that backlinks enhance your SEO performance is by helping establish your company as a credible source for various search terms. When bloggers, journalists, and other companies mention your business and then connect back to blogs or videos as well as other material, it communicates to potential customers that you are an authoritative source.

Increased visibility

A well-designed digital PR strategy puts you in front of your most relevant group of people.

Digital PR connects with online websites and personalities that attract your ideal clients. If you know which areas your intended market is, you can collaborate with these organizations to ensure that your content is placed in front of them.

More clicks

An effective promotional campaign that includes a PR element will improve your SEO by increasing clicks to your site. When bloggers and journalists utilize your site as a source and include a link to it in their writing, they make you visible to their readers.

When creating online content, journalists and other writers provide links to other sources of crucial information within their content that stand apart from the text. The readers are often enticed to click on these hyperlinks, which leads them to your site. Check your analytics for the traffic coming from other sites and note the most effective ones.

More involvement

If a brand or person with a huge following can repost your content, more users are interacting with it through social media.

A digital public relations team will promote more than just your website. Your social media network grows by introducing you to new customers. Your followers can reply directly via their feed if you share your content. Then, they can interact with you.

Digital PR Examples

How do you implement this in practice? Let's look at some digital PR campaigns that extend beyond traditional reactive media (responding with negative mentions in the press).

Attracting existing customers

A method of digital PR to increase exposure is to solicit previous customers.

To attract students to join the college, the American College of Physicians (ACP) began an effort with #IMProud. The medical school encouraged internists to post their stories on social networks with the hashtag.

They reached out to the general public via email, its newsletter, and social media. The campaign was so effective that it prompted 3,500 people to download material through the ACP website.

This successful digital PR campaign boosted the brand’s exposure and encouraged other people not affiliated with the business to follow the #IMProud hashtag. Even internists who couldn't participate in the ACP were encouraged to share their experiences using the hashtag #IMProud.

Connecting with human interest

To raise its profile and be competitive with top-of-the-line dating competitors such as Tinder and Hinge, Bumble has launched a PR and marketing campaign called dating 101 for 2021. This campaign received much media coverage, including numerous national news shows interviewing the Head of Editorial at Bumble.


If your business offers an item that has broad appeal, try pitching a human-interest story that is timely and relevant.


Many businesses use live streaming to reach out and communicate with potential clients.

If you provide useful information or unique customer experiences through live streams, it could spark media interest. Make sure to promote your event on social media to gain more attention and boost the number of people who attend.

Guest blogging

One of the most effective ways to improve your SEO and digital PR can be the guest blog. If you have contacts with companies that offer services and products that match yours, contact them to pitch topics to guest bloggers. Choose subjects that will appeal to your customers who are overlapping, and be sure to offer an opportunity to link to the other business's website on your site.

Expert panels

Although hybrid and online educational sessions and conferences existed for many years, they were brought to light due to Covid-19. Numerous professional and business organizations have expert panels on the internet that allow you to function as a subject expert without the need to incorporate travel time into your schedule.

Seek out calls for proposals at conferences that use digital media or marketing seminars and summits in your field. You'll probably have to submit a session plan. After acceptance, the group will promote your event and business during the process.

Digital PR Outreach

Targeting outreach is essential to improve your chances of executing your marketing and PR strategy in the digital age. Your strategy should give you an idea about who you should focus on and how the contacts can aid in building connections. Your strategy should incorporate the following elements:

Anchor text

Using anchor text is one method to improve SEO and get people to click your site. Think about the keywords you want to be linked to your website. When creating content and asking for links, you should include these keywords. Do everything you can to ensure it is as easy for the person who receives your request.

If you're unsure what you want to do, other people will decide for your benefit, and you could not be happy with the outcome.

It is important not to go overboard in executing campaigns because too excessive of a good thing could be harmful. A sudden mention of hundred backlinks, each using the exact anchor words, could lead to your site receiving an automatic penalty from Google.

Media lists

An accurate list of trustworthy media contacts can increase your chances of getting your stories noticed. Find PR contacts in the most coveted media outlets and include them in your database. Develop relationships with these contacts and present them with top-quality pitches.

Content planners

Relevant and interesting videos and articles are a few of the most frequently used sources referred to by bloggers, media personalities, and influencers. Create a content pillar strategy focused on SEO-friendly and marketing articles to ensure your blog is ranked high on search engine results and visible to people who could link to it.

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