6 Steps to Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

6 Steps to Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

For a marketing strategy to be effective whether online or offline, your business must convey authenticity, transparency and value.

Your brand must also be consistent and communicate authentically during the transmission and distribution of content, otherwise consumers will not find your brand genuine, which will have a negative effect on the user's trust in the business.

In fact, a study by Social Media Today shows that authenticity is a fundamental characteristic for users who decide to buy from a given company (85% of respondents rated this as important).

Other significant data: 73% of consumers are willing to recognise a higher price if the company promises transparency, while 94% say they stay loyal to a brand that offers full transparency.

Content marketing is about improving the relationship with the customer, not about selling products.

It's also about developing brand value, credibility and brand awareness. How? Or what? By delivering engaging, interesting and personalized content.

Do a thorough analysis of the target audience

The first rule to writing good content is this: know your target audience.

To do this, you need to create reader personas in order to document the motivations and curiosities that will empower your readers.

Find out:

· Their interests

· Job title

· Job function

· Age

· Gender

· Income

· Needs

· Location

When you learn this information, only then can you provide them with extremely timely and personalized content that’s practically tailor-made for them.

When your audience feels as if you are speaking directly to their and offering solutions to their problems, you’re much more likely to convert them into customers.

Identify your unique value proposition

Content featured across your site should answer the ‘how’ and ‘why of your company, describing how your products, services and processes provide unique value to your clients.

Your value proposition should address these things, and should then be used as the foundation for all content created on your site. Don’t forget to ensure your content is targeted to your target audience. 

Create a content strategy

Your website should be brimming with content that leads visitors and prospects down the sales funnel.

Different content should achieve different results, from addressing different questions to answering concerns based on where they are in the client journey.

Adding a business blog is the ideal way to build awareness, educate your audience and answer general questions about your products, services or industry.

Collaborate with other companies

There’s no ‘I’ in content marketing, so make sure you develop relationships with other brands and collaborate with others that can feature on your site.

This is essential in a world brimming with experts.

Nowadays, we do not work in a world where businesses work independently, but rather, where collaboration enriches the end product or service.

By collaborating with others, this will improve the quality of your content and increase traffic to your site.

Whether they contribute regularly or just one a one-off basis, these individuals will bring their wisdom, expertise and insights, adding serious value to your business and brand.

When choosing people to collaborate with, make sure you choose brands that align with the way your business thinks, in order to drive a bigger story.

You could even choose out to a group of experts and ask them to answer a short set of questions. Readers will then get to see different answers to the same set of questions, giving readers a deeper meaning to a single question.

Use new technologies

In recent years, natural language processing and machine learning have enabled companies to create chatbots that can conduct conversations with audiences. This trend is set to grow stronger.

Although this is certainly no replacement for human interaction, it is a simple yet highly effective tactic that is capable of some truly incredible things.

Chatbots have outstanding potential to close the personalisation gap in various online channels, including email, social media and of course, your website. 

When done right, chatbots can provide insights into customer behaviour, lay the foundations for your conversational marketing strategy, increase conversion rates and of course, increase sales. 

Create compelling content

Above all else, all content created across your site needs to inform, educate and guide readers.

It should be well written and free from spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Where possible, include relevant statistics and quotes to add substance to your writing. Finally, break it up into digestible paragraphs and use subheadings and/or bullet points. 

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