Developing a Content Marketing Strategy for your Website

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy for your Website

It’s crucial for the credibility of a brand to be authentic, transparent and to convey values.

We often see brands investing in content that is anything but authentic, and this is viewed negatively by consumers.

Any gap between what a business says and what it actually does undoubtedly creates a gap in its relationship with current and potential consumers.

EWM, our leading branding agency in Geneva, understands how important it is to develop a robust digital communication strategy on the internet.

The goal of content marketing has never been simply to sell products or promote your brand.

Rather, the goal of content marketing is to create value, whether it's to educate, entertain or otherwise.

However, if the goal of content marketing isn't just to increase sales, how does it work for e-commerce? How can you create effective content for websites or applications with an online store? What strategies should you adopt?

When creating content for an e-commerce site, important and unavoidable factors are:

· Improve the visibility of the online store

· Communicate the offer in an effective and attractive way

· Create a relationship of trust with the user (the potential customer)

· To convince the purchase and the redemption, above all.

Before creating effective and efficient content, you must follow a process:

· Knowing the purchasing path of "Buyers" (i.e. the typical personal of the customer, as well as their socio-demographic)

· Identify the crucial moments of the purchasing process which lead prospects to become real customers

· Develop content that is in the right place, useful, persuasive.

To identify potential buyers, you must first make a realistic portrayal of potential buyers, but most importantly, think like your customers!

What are the fears, desires and problems but also the routines and "typical phrases" of your clients?

Once we have identified our target audience, we need to consider what the marketing goals of our e-commerce content strategy are. They could include:

· Create lead generation, that is, generate a list of potential customers interested in the products or services offered by a company

· Promote the brand

· "Educate" the customer on the purchase

· To sell products

· To improve customer service

To achieve each of these objectives, different types of content can be developed, including product sheets, blog posts, videos and infographics.

It is obvious that we can publish our content on the communication channel which allows us to more easily reach our target and achieve the intended goal.

This will depend on the strategy prepared at the start and the objectives of the company.

Among the different types of content that we can develop, a very important one is the blog.

This is the ultimate way to give a human face to your brand. It is precisely the business blog that turns out to be a fundamental resource in your content marketing strategy.

The corporate blog should not be a tool for self-promotion where you convince people to buy your products and/or services.

Instead, you should think about the questions customers may ask about your business and what you do, always remembering to provide answers, solve problems and meet their needs. Only in this way will you be able to reach your potential customers.

For example: Does your audience know your story and your business? Does your target audience know that your products/services are the solution to their problems? Are your potential customers aware of the benefits of what you are selling?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself to understand what topics to cover on your business blog.

As you see, you don't speak directly about the product and you don't invite people to buy it, but you make your potential customers curious about who you are and why you are the ideal choice for them.

Through the course of your blog posts, you build trust and loyalty, talking to them about the characteristics of your products and reducing the gap created through online commerce (not being a physical store) by giving customers the opportunity to know the emotions behind your business.

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