What are Google Web Stories?

What are Google Web Stories?

Currently, almost all social media networks offer their users the "stories" feature.

Although Google may have taken inspiration from this idea by implementing the same scrolling functions, Web Stories actually offer slightly different functionality, aimed at being as heterogeneous as possible.

Let's take a look at the characteristics that distinguish web stories from the more traditional stories of TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Features of Web Stories


Web Stories give you the option of publishing a full story on a specific topic, instead of the traditional single page.


Traditional social media stories have a variable duration and stay available for up to 24 hours. Conversely, Google web stories have no fixed duration and can stay online for as long as you want. This dynamic is very useful for long-term sponsorships.

Websites and Blogs:

An absolutely valuable feature that sets Web Stories apart from their competition is the ability to upload them onto your own blog.

The "traditional" stories are based on the reference application or on the online platform (e.g. Facebook), while the web stories have no constraints and can be published on personal sites, which greatly facilitates control, copyright and the content itself.

Web access:

Through any browser, it is possible to view Google web stories, freeing them not only from the application but also from the mobile device.


Another important feature for those who need to make their content visible is indexing on search engines. Any user will be able to see the content of web articles linked to the web page. This is superb for SEO purposes.

The list of features of web stories is truly remarkable, and in addition to those already listed, there is also:

· Targeted personalisation

· Embedded links

· Responsiveness

· Interactivity

· The ability to add content to pages

The advantages of Web Stories

From the features, it's easy to deduce how they can be used in digital marketing, but let's see which benefits are most appreciated by users and businesses.

Channel users:

The first advantage is certainly that of being able to create a funnel to channel users to your company.


Google, thanks to the infinite number of services offered, guarantees users of web stories connections with almost any device by completely unbinding themselves from dedicated applications and closed platforms.

The close connection with the most famous search engine on the planet certainly helps to appear on the first pages of searches.

Immersive storytelling: 

Web stories offer a new and modern way to reach existing readers and attract new audiences.

Robust support for advertising:

Web stories are also advantageous in that they enable monetisation abilities for publishers using full-screen immersive story ads and affiliate links. In terms of advertising, stories are a great way to reach specific audiences within an innovative storytelling experience.

Entertainment, work and information:

Finally, Google web stories can be used as a source of information and content distribution, as well as a source of entertainment for young people looking for light multimedia.

With this new service, Google is trying to intelligently evolve traditional stories with improved features and optimal SEO indexing that allow you to push content and users to their projects online.

As you can see, there are countless benefits to using web stories for your business.

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