How To Create A Video Content Strategy

How To Create A Video Content Strategy

You're reading this because you are aware of the importance of video advertising.

The way brands market themselves is no longer by simply writing content. Today, videos are incredibly popular in ranking higher in search, targeting your audience and influencing buying decisions.

How Do I Design an effective Video Marketing Strategy?

Strategies for marketing via video aren't new.

As you wouldn't design an advertisement and purchase airtime for the Super Bowl without researching and planning, you shouldn't make an online marketing video without doing your research and developing a plan.

Your strategy for video marketing will ultimately guide you in terms of budget and timelines, production methods, conversion metrics, and much more. Clearly determining this is the first step in creating your video.

This article will detail the following:

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy 

  1. Start by defining your goals for your video
  2. Find your target audience
  3. Establish the story you'd like to tell
  4. Make sure that your creative needs are in check
  5. Keep track of your timetable
  6. Create an achievable budget

Begin by defining your video goals 

The first step in developing your video is to define your video's goals. It is ideal for creating a video that addresses each stage of the funnel for marketing. At first, however, you'll have to choose which one is the most crucial to focus on.

  • Awareness: Here, a problem or an opportunity is identified, and the viewer is aware that they face a challenge. Videos at this point should draw attention to users and present the brand's image to a new audience.
  • Analysis: The viewer is currently pondering how they can solve the issue they're facing. They're looking for recommendations, reading reviews of products and trying to develop affordable solutions.
  • The decision: The solution has nearly been established, and you'd like to be at the forefront of the customer’s mind. Show your potential customers proof of satisfaction with your current clientele, and demonstrate that your service or product is superior to the competition.

If you're looking to draw new customers to your business, you’ll need to make an awareness-raising video.

If you're trying to connect with your current customers, you'll need an awareness stage video. If you're near closing the sale and want to help your prospects, you'll need to make the video that will be used to make a decision. You could also make videos to please people who have already purchased from your company or an internal one to inspire your team or attract new employees.

Find Your Target Audience

Once you've identified the funnel phase, it's time to identify the target audience.

This is very important aspect to consider; if you design an online video without having a certain group of people to think about, the video is more likely to be a failure.

People who are supposed to watch it might not be able to, and those who see it aren't likely to make the switch. So how do you figure out the demographics of your potential viewers?

The most important thing is to develop your buyer's personality.

 If you have one already, excellent! Creating a buyer persona (or several) is typically performed when a business is making improvements to its service or product offerings.

The customers who you would like to purchase your products or services are likely to be the same people you'd like to target via your video.

If you have your buyer's personality mapped out, you'll know precisely the people you want to reach.

In order to determine your strategy for attracting audiences, ensure that you keep the following in mind:

  1. The audience who you're offering your products or services to – this is your target audience.
  2. What is the purpose of your video? This is where they will fall in your marketing funnel.
  3. The places where your intended audience hangs out will determine how you promote your video.

When you've determined the answers to the above, you’ll know the people you want to target and how you can get them to listen.

Find out the story you'd like to tell

The decision of what story you'd like your video to tell could be the most exciting and one of the more challenging aspects. You'll need to sketch out the following four components to determine the foundations of your narrative.

  • The person you are promoting to has a purpose: This person must be in line with your demographic target.
  • Conflict: This is the customer's issue.
  • Quest: This is the way you market your products or services
  • Resolution: This is the way the product you offer can solve the issue

The story's elements will take the reader to a new experience -- one that is designed to coincide with the brand's mission.

Think about what emotions you would like your story to convey to your audience.

Are you hoping for them to laugh? Should they feel at ease or inspired when they watch your video?

Whatever emotions you would like your viewers to feel, keep this at the forefront of your mind as you compose your script. The props, location, colour scheme and wardrobe will all influence this emotion. So, choose each detail carefully!

Be aware of changes along the way

Unexpected changes to messages, scripts, goals, and much more could make your production out of kilter. However, these kinds of changes are not uncommon.

Keep a realistic budget

Sure, an innovative plan and in-depth strategies are crucial, however, if you don't have a budget in place, it won't be easy to achieve your precise goals. You must assign a budget before you get the ball rolling.

Do your research and ask experts in the field what they charge for particular services (scripting audio editing, scripting, social media distribution).

Also, consult with freelancers to determine whether you should go with an agency or employ individual freelancers. Typically, agencies will draw up a detailed plan for you (including a cost breakdown) to help you make your final decision.

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