Bespoke vs. Templated Web Design Pros and Cons

Bespoke vs. Templated Web Design Pros and Cons

Online presence is incredibly important. This is especially true in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Few consumers will purchase without conducting some online research before making a decision. If you don't show up online, you’re missing out on potential sales. When it comes to creating a website, the question is, should you choose to have it designed and developed specifically for your business, or do you prefer a template?

Let's look at the differences to see assess the best pros and cons.

The debate about bespoke web design and template websites has been pretty heated for many years. There are many advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when making a decision. Let's take a closer look at both of these options.

Template websites

Template websites are pre-built websites that can be customized to fit your business.

The word ‘customized’ is a general term that can only be used limitedly when it comes to template websites. The template will limit your freedom, making it difficult to brand your company. This means that you won't be able to express yourself. Template websites have their benefits.

A template website is a great way to get started in the online world, especially for a small business. This will give you a digital identity and excellent foundations that allow you to sell online.

Consider it a stepping stone – it will give you a leg up on the online ladder. As your business grows, you'll inevitably need to expand your site to accommodate such growth.

A template website can be a great place to start, and can provide a number of benefits. Template websites, for example, can:

  • Provide a fast and easy way for your business to go online
  • As your business grows, costs are kept low
  • This is a great option for a one- or two-page website

There are downsides to using a template website:

  • A cheap site will look exactly that way: cheap. This may not work for your brand image
  • The site will not have all the functionalities you need and may not be modifiable specifically to your liking. Your content might not fit, and it may not do everything you desire.
  • Your business will likely grow, and the site won't adapt to your needs. This means that you will need a new website very soon.
  • Template websites are very similar. This means that your website will look almost identical to other templates.
  • The presence of unnecessary programs in the background, which you might not use but cannot remove, can slow down page loading speeds.
  • Template sites may not always include a customized support package. This could be a problem if your site is having issues.
  • SEO may not be a priority on pre-built sites. This could mean that you are losing search engine visibility.

Design and development bespoke to your needs

It seems that the word ‘bespoke’ conjures up feelings of quality. This is exactly what you can expect from a bespoke web design.

A bespoke website is a unique and customized solution for your business. It requires a thorough assessment of your company, including its objectives, long-term vision, competitors, key messages, target audiences, and key messages.

Bespoke websites promote credibility and trust. They are unique and stand out from the rest. Best of all, a custom-designed site is yours.

Here are some key benefits of choosing bespoke web design and development:

  • Your bespoke website can evolve with your business. You can modify it to add new functionalities as needed. This ensures that you have a long-term investment that will not be replaced.
  • Website design agencies that specialize in custom design and development often offer ongoing support and management services to be sure you are well taken care of.
  • Websites designed with professionalism in mind will be a great way to show your professionalism. The site will work responsively on all devices and browsers, including desktop and mobile.
  • Bespoke web design creates a user experience that appeals to your target audience.
  • SEO is at the core of a bespoke website. This will ensure that your search engine optimization campaigns have the greatest chance of success.

There are always downsides to custom web design; you should also be aware that the process of creating a website tailored to your business can take a while.

However, with the support of a leading web design and development agency, such as EWM, you can rest assured that you’ll receive an empowering and impactful web design that triggers the right response in audiences.

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