Why Make a Site in AMP?

Why Make a Site in AMP?

For a few years now, we have been talking about the AMP project and the Google AMP project. They were born at the initiative of Google in 2015 and in 2017, 900,000 domains were already using the technology, which has grown exponentially since it was first released. But what are these AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? How can they benefit your business?

Here, we try to give clear and simple directions for non-experts:

AMP is a project that started from afar and is based on the AMP HTML framework. Since its inception it’s been backed by many important players and technological partners such as Google, as well as Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Chartbeat, Bing, Parse .ly, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn.

From there, many publishers from all over the world took part in this initiative: among them, the Condé Nast group, The New York Times, The Guardian, El Pais and La Stampa.

The goal? To speed up the loading of web pages viewed from mobile devices.

AMP involves creating lightweight pages designed to give mobile users a super-fast, more engaging web-browsing experience. These are open-source HTML frameworks that offer a simple and easy way to create stripped-down, mobile-optimized web pages. With AMP, the user experience is prioritised thanks to the enforcement of restrictions on ads and UI design.

When you create an AMP mobile version of your blog or site, your site is not only being flagged and indexed by Google, but it will end up in a cache on the search engine's servers. Loading is therefore very fast and this greatly improves the positioning of the content of that particular link on the search engine.

This technology was originally designed for online newspapers and in actual fact newspapers were the first to adopt it. What’s more, it is a modified HTML language, based on an HTML framework.

Google has given more and more weight to the speed of loading servers and sites, hence the race for hosting and servers with SSDs offered by providers of hosting solutions.

This technology is becoming more and more popular, so if you have a website but don't have a mobile or AMP version, you should seriously invest in this technology, especially if you know how powerful SEO and ranking can be.

Technology moves fast, which is why today we must approach these activities not only in a professional and serious manner, but also in anticipation of the competition. Only in this way can a web project stand out from its competitors on the web.

An AMP site is an absolute must and there are so many more amazing advantages of AMP, including:

·         Less data consumption

·         Improved server performance

·         Lower bounce rates

·         Increased conversion rates

·         More time spent on site

·          Additional visibility in google search results

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