Using an SEO Expert: Is it Worth it?

Using an SEO Expert: Is it Worth it?

 Some entrepreneurs are convinced that bringing in an SEO strategist to position your website is something very expensive, and indeed at first glance that may seem to be the case, but the reality is that the reason for this belief comes from a lack of knowledge of the industry and how it operates in detail.

The initial cost certainly depends on the fact that it is not possible to apply the same strategy for all sites and all companies, but for each situation, it is necessary to study – from scratch – a new strategy that takes into account all of the factors that influence positioning and visibility.

Google uses around 200 ranking factors to position and credit one site over another, but are always careful not to say what they are in detail, though there are a number of factors that give us some clues.

These indications are those which, with perseverance, experience and knowledge, lead an SEO agency, such as EWM, to position a company correctly and obtain the right results for the client.

Moreover, the work put in does not bring about results immediately, but after a certain period of uninterrupted work, businesses will certainly see results.

Good SEO is a combination of technical skill and high-quality content.

Technically, many aspects of the site need to be improved in order for the SEO to improve. From a content perspective, content needs to be created, organized and written, not just from an SEO perspective but also from a human perspective. For each action, it is therefore necessary to check the progress of the work carried out using special tools.

Is investing in SEO really worth it?

In the mind of the entrepreneur, doubts typically arise: isn't it better to invest in PPC sponsored campaigns? While it is true that pay per click (paid ads on Google Ads, AdWords and Facebook etc.) results in immediate visibility, it is also true that this visibility will stop once you stop paying.

In addition, in highly competitive industries, the numbers can get big, and in the long-run, these expenses become unsustainable if not accompanied by other strategies. Let’s now analyse why and how we can optimize the return on investment with an SEO strategy, and why it is necessary not to neglect SEO for your website.

In the long run, SEO comes at a much lower cost than paid web marketing campaigns.

While it may cost more initially, SEO will bring a less volatile and more permanent result, which will continue even after you stop paying. It is also important to know that 95% of all web traffic goes through organic results (in other words, non-paid results).

Another important factor to take into consideration is the fact that 70% to 80% of internet users completely ignore sponsored results and focus on organic results.

The result of an organic search is the result of an active search action by the user, so if you can appear in the organic search results, your website will be far more likely to be clicked upon.

Once they’ve clicked, if your website is impressive enough the user will continue browsing, and if we plan the right remarketing strategy, this will allow us to also develop profiled campaigns, which we can target using our advertising investments to the right audience.


PPC campaigns are ideal when you need to give immediate visibility to a temporary offer or temporary promotions, for which you do not have the time necessary for an SEO optimization and positioning campaign.

However, if you have a long-term global project, SEO is the best and most necessary strategy to activate as soon as you decide to create a website or introduce your company online.

Studies have proven that paying an SEO expert is far more cost-effective than focusing solely on paid ad campaigns. Even if a website is relatively young, in the long-run the results of the SEO will be effective. More and more visits will be driven to the website via targeted keywords from interested users.

EWM, a leading digital marketing agency in Geneva, will help you launch your SEO campaign with suitable and effective solutions.

SEO specialists are able to analyse traffic and the search terms used by users to generate even more traffic to your website.

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