Web Design for Tech and SaaS Companies Done Right

Web Design for Tech and SaaS Companies Done Right

Web design is difficult to master in many different areas, however, none more so than the realms of technology and SaaS (software as a service).

The technology world is changing minute-to-minute, which means that businesses have the option of spending massive sums of money on websites that will be outdated in less than six months.

In this regard, we have created a set of essential guidelines to ensure that your website has a long-lasting impact, and that you are noticed by the people who matter most – your clients.

#1: Simple navigation

The main purpose of your site is to provide information about your products or services that people won’t be able to comprehend if they don't immediately go through every stage of your website’s journey.

Your potential customers should be able to move from a blank canvas to an understanding of your product in the shortest time feasible.

In actual practice, what this is, is the reduction of top-level navigation menus that indicate the most fundamental and vital elements. However, more in-depth content can be added at a higher level of the user journey once the degree of engagement has been established.

#2 Build with the ability to adapt and be future-proofed

SaaS companies typically operate at lightning speed, shifting from one place to the next and revising prices as they expand and introducing new features when they are able to lock in a winning method. Therefore, your site must be designed to be able to adapt with that same speed. 

It is essential to have a website that can be updated regularly and quickly – without the need to hire an agency for digital or web designer every time you need to add information about an upcoming feature.

Content Management Systems such as WordPress are extremely intuitive and a great option for most tech start-ups.

However, it is possible that an individual CMS is more suitable for your needs depending on the requirements of your website. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that it must be flexible and easily updated in a flash.

#3: Bright colour and branding choices that help your site shine

In the highly competitive technology world, you need to be noticed to have any chances of success. Regarding your website, visitors must immediately recognize your website by its colours and branding.

From unique (but extremely legible) fonts to striking colour choices, you must make your website stand out as visually from your competitors.

Customers are usually scared to venture outside the familiar comfort zones offered by corporate blues, shades, or blacks. However, those who do typically reap the rewards.

#4 Simple and short content

Even though you’re selling the most sophisticated or complex software, it’s still essential to keep your material as straightforward, in order to make it easier for people to understand.

Suppose you're a member of your company and are often unable to discern that the material you've put together is too complicated or technical. In that case, it's a good idea to seek outside assistance to cut it down and highlight the most important aspects of your particular service or solution.

It's not just about length, clarity, or the quality that your material is. The way it's presented can make an enormous difference in customer understanding and other crucial parameters, including dwell time (the duration a person spends on a web page).

Make sure to break your content down by including pertinent images and other components, such as explainer videos.

#5 Capitalise on the potential that video possesses

The last thing your website customers do not want is to be bombarded with a text wall, even if it clearly describes how your service or product can change their lives for the better.

Explainer videos can perform most (if not all) of the work in a much more compelling way than any copy ever could.

The numbers on explainer videos are so clear that 97% of marketers said that they helped their customers to thoroughly understand about their products or services, while 95% of customers said they've viewed the explainer videos in order to gain more information about the product or service.

Recap of technology and SaaS corporate website design executed correctly

The crowded world of technology and SaaS makes it difficult for businesses to stand out from the competition. However, it’s not impossible.

With the fundamental web design principles explained above, you can ensure that your website is well-constructed from the beginning.

This will enable you to equip your company with the best opportunities to create a successful web presence – rather than getting lost in the crowd.

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