Understanding SEO & the Techniques you can Adopt in 2021

Understanding SEO & the Techniques you can Adopt in 2021

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Improving your SEO strategy means understanding the steps you can take to get your website found on the first pages of search engine results (SERP) when researching keywords or phrases relevant to your website’s content.

Is it better to do SEO or paid advertising on Google?

The SEO vs. PPC debate has been going on for years. What is better? Is it better to “buy” your first-page position in search engines through a pay-per-click (PPC), campaign or to base your search engine marketing strategy on organic (or natural) positioning through search engine optimization (SEO)?

In our opinion, it depends on what you do and who your client is. Deciding where to invest in digital marketing is difficult for many entrepreneurs and often leaves people wondering what the best strategy is.

The best thing to do is to discuss your options with the professionals, such as the team at EWM., a leading web development agency in Geneva. Our team of SEO experts will determine your precise business needs before developing a bespoke package designed to accelerate the SEO success of your business.

Where should I start my SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy (also known as an “SEO approach” or “search engine optimization strategy”) is the process of planning, implementing and applying tactics to improve search engine ranking. In other words, an SEO strategy is the process you do when you want to get more organic traffic.

Everything in search engine optimization revolves around keywords. This is why keyword research is usually the first step in any legitimate SEO strategy. Ubersuggest, a free keyword tool, is an excellent place to start for insights into the strategies that will work best for your business.

How do I find the most useful keywords for me?

You can easily find the keywords that your target customer is looking for using Google Suggest. Start typing a keyword in the Google search box and a list of suggestions will appear. These are usually good keywords for SEO because they come straight from Google. These are also keywords that you know people are actually looking for.

In addition, long keywords (called “long-tail keywords”) tend to be less competitive than short-tail keywords.

So even though long queues have relatively low search volume, you can usually get into them faster. I suggest you type a few different keywords into Google until you have a list of around 10 keywords.

If you want to check the search volume and competition levels for these terms, you can use a keyword research tool like SEMrush or cocolyze.

What are the most useful SEO activities?  

The SEO activities that will be the most useful for your online projects today are:

· Quality Content Writing

While it’s important to constantly choose and optimize your keywords, you should never focus exclusively on keywords. Instead, use effective writing and communication skills to engage people.

Writing long, comprehensive and useful articles for the reader on the blog or news section of your website is a highly effective SEO strategy that drives traffic and increases engagement.

That being said, be sure to break up your paragraphs into digestible chunks, and embolden key phrases or sentences that are of particular importance. Include subheadings, images, bullet points and plenty of white space. 

What’s more, updating and improving the old content of the site is another effective strategy, as well as getting quality links to your own content.

· Design for Mobile First

The majority of searches take place from a mobile device, therefore it’s vital that your website is mobile-friendly. The mobile experience you offer should be second-to-none, with appearance and speed being a top priority.

· Measure SEO Performance

Two of the most critical elements of SEO are reporting and analytics. These enable you to understand where you may have gone wrong and consequently make improvements.

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