Creating a Mobile App with EWM.

Creating a Mobile App with EWM.

From a business standpoint, mobile apps are an excellent business solution. They are great for strengthening your brand’s personality and are highly effective at boosting sales.

But creating an app is a different story altogether. The process is not necessarily easy, but EWM. provides you with an effective solution to this.

With EWM, you’ll gain the expertise of a professional web design agency in Geneva with many years of experience assisting businesses with the app development process.

You’ll have your own custom mobile app, giving your business a truly important competitive edge in the market. The inclusion of the Apple Store and Google Play logos in your promotional material, business cards, flyers and on your website will be a plus for your company’s image.

Our team of developers designs and builds mobile applications for all your needs. We develop with the most recent technologies and languages ​​in order to guarantee the highest quality product that is fully functional and always evolving.

From multimedia catalogues to online stores on APPs, through dedicated applications to smartphones and customer management applications, we are always designing and implementing innovative ideas. Our goal is to create a unique, personalized and useful application for the company and the client.

Mobile Applications

We optimize the applications for online e-shops and carry out feasibility and usability studies, paying particular attention to the interface and user experience of the applications.

Reaching a Larger Number of Users in Switzerland and across Europe

As of June 2020, there were 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide (i.e. 45% of the global economy), a number that is only expected to grow.

So many people have a smartphone and with your application, you can reach your customers immediately, precisely because they always have their smartphone in their pocket.

By creating a mobile application, you will have the opportunity to give a service to your users and to offer something innovative that no other brand possesses.

What can an application do for your business or e-commerce platform?

Regardless of whether you own a small, medium or large business, a mobile application is considered a must in terms of marketing and business development.

Communicate with your customers

A mobile app can truly help you to develop your brand and improve your business processes. You can manage customer needs more easily, engage with them on a deeper level provide them with more value.

Our applications can be easily updated via a custom control panel. You will be able to update texts and images independently, by personalizing the application in real-time. With our app, you can easily insert news, events, promotions, new products and services and promote them on social networks; moreover, thanks to PUSH technology, you can send notifications directly to your customers.

Customers with your application installed will likely be the most loyal, so you can reward them with offers, promotions and loyalty programmes.

Other advantages of creating a custom mobile app include:

·         Greater corporate image value

·         A number of additional features for the end-user compared to web services

·         Engagement and viral marketing

·         Quick and instinctive shopping capabilities

·         Creation of a customer database

·         The dissemination of promotions and offers to profiled users

·         Improve the customer experience

·         Work reduction for other services

·         FAQ management, catalogue, visits

Here are the different types of applications that can help businesses with their marketing and sales strategies:

1.       Applications to support the sales department

An application can be developed to give access to product catalogues, sales presentations and all the tools to help the agent during visits to customers. This type of application would allow for better analysis and faster feedback.

2.       Application for Lead Generation

One of the most important roles a mobile app plays in marketing is that of lead generation. Mobile apps, unlike social apps, encourage local interaction and personalization of communication.

For example, an application that collects precise data on the location of users and other similar information is an invaluable tool for profiling customers. From here, you can take appropriate marketing and web marketing actions.

3.       Data Collection Application

Applications can capture a multitude of data, including audio, video, photos, text and location. This reduces the use of multiple tools for these uses. In addition, the percentage of errors in the processing of data is much lower and their processing is practically immediate.

4.       Demo Application

A convincing trial demo is the best way to offer the qualities of a service or product. The demonstrations constitute an extraordinary support for the launch of new products, software or articles, enabling a demonstration of its performances.

The Benefits of Choosing a Web Strategy for Your Application Customer Friendly and Marketing

We provide strategic marketing advice during the design, definition and implementation of the web application until its completion, in order to obtain the best possible results.

Web Orientation

We develop our web applications using the latest technologies in order to adapt them to the evolution of the internet and operating systems.

Like Companies

We also offer consulting services for the definition of the characteristics and functionalities of the application in order to rationalize the costs and maintain the objectives set. , as well as providing the best product for the customer.

Custom & Chip

We offer a highly personalized product with low development costs to give you the best solution on the market.

If your business needs a leap in this direction, our experience and skills will breathe life to an application that will focus on these objectives, ensuring your customers, partners and stakeholders a unique experience that will make your application an essential tool for your business.

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