Top 10 Chrome Extensions For SEO

Top 10 Chrome Extensions For SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

Optimizing your website for higher rankings in search engine results in pages requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. But don't worry – plenty of tools are available to make SEO tasks easier.

One such tool is the Google Chrome browser and its extensions.

This article will provide an overview of the top 10 Chrome extensions for SEO that can help boost your website's visibility online.

1. PageImprove

PageImprove is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions. It lets you modify the pages of your website using your browser. It allows you to modify canonicals, H1 titles metadata, and others.

Imagine PageImprove as an emergency kit for everything you need to create content on the web. If you're always in the waiting room for web developers to make changes to your website, this extension is for you. It's lightweight and won't slow down your web browser. It allows you to make adjustments at any time and ensure that your website content is as current and accurate as possible.

This is a great opportunity for digital marketers using insecure-to-manage content (CMS), SEO specialists who work in small agencies with inadequate developer resources or access to a client CMS, or SEO strategists who must regularly update the content they're creating.

2. Keyword Surfer

If you are a fan of limiting your windows and tabs, Keyword Surfer could be your new favorite companion.

This free extension allows you to look at keyword volume information for every Google result.

Switching between different tools is no longer necessary to see a quick overview of the search term's volume.

Additionally, each new search will provide you with details such as CPC, related terms, visibility metrics, and the page's performance.

It is possible to view multiple information points within the search window by using this extension. Clean metrics, right at your fingertips! 

This is a great combination for busy SEO experts who need to quickly get search volume details, as well as other fundamental indicators, it’s also ideal for agency employees who have several roles, and content experts who have to enhance their content with highly relevant keywords.

3. SEOquake

SEOquake is it's the Swiss Army toolbox of SEO extensions for Chrome. With this extension, you can access all the essential SEO-related metrics within your reach – and at no cost!

SEOquake offers a comprehensive study of search engine result pages (SERPs). It allows you to determine the keywords' difficulty for important keywords, and also allows you to do a site audit in real-time (as well as verify the mobile-friendliness of a website).

If you're using an Semrush account connected to the SEOquake plugin, SEOquake enables you to to gain additional information points. It also provides marketers with a visual representation of the web page they've been to.

This is a perfect combination for SEOs who are responsible for many analyses of links, social media managers who keep track of social metrics for Facebook or Google Currents, small business owners who are just beginning to learn about SEO (it's extremely simple to install and use) and Multi-faceted Content Strategists.

4. Mangools

A great all-in-one extension to help busy marketers. Mangools provides a wealth of data and analysis with only a few clicks. It offers a lot of everything. According to the overview of the Chrome Store, Mangools can provide information regarding the following:

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Citation flow
  • Trust flow
  • Alexa rank
  • Referring IPs
  • Facebook shares
  • Followers on social media profiles

Furthermore, you will have access to competitor information such as rank tracking, backlink data, broken link data, and more. This is a huge toolbox!

This is a great combination for digital marketers who wear various hats throughout the day, and SEO experts who prefer to evaluate the results between software like Moz or Majestic.

5. TextOptimizer

TextOptimizer is described as a writing tool. It analyses search results for relevant keywords and then creates "intent tables" to suggest additional words you can incorporate in your text "to better align with search engines and their expectations."

There are plenty of high-end content optimization tools available. However, TextOptimizer is a great choice as a free application.

6. Glimpse

Glimpse Chrome extension transforms Google Trends into a keyword research tool. It improves Google Trends data with keyword volume, long-tail keywords suggestions, and a topic map.

It is, however, important to note that the free version is limited to one monthly. Also, you'll need a paid subscription to conduct extensive keyword research.

7. View Rendered Source

This is an essential tool for anyone who works with websites that run JavaScript.

This compares both the original code to the rendered version. SEOs can also determine where JavaScript replaces descriptions, titles, or canonical tags.

8. Similarweb

Using Similarweb for Chrome, you can view estimates of traffic sources, visitors' geography, traffic sources, and other vital statistics on any site.

This extension can be useful in analysing link opportunities and your competition.

9. Hunter

This extension by Hunter locates email addresses for websites you're on. You can get 50 credits for free per month. Additionally, there's a Google Sheets add-on for quick bulk-checking.

10. GMass

Gmass is an effective and lightweight tool for organising outreach campaigns. It is integrated directly into Gmail and doesn't require any additional resources.

It allows you to plan email messages, send mail merges through Google Sheets, create email sequences, and monitor the number of emails opened.

Final Thoughts

Top ten Chrome extensions for SEO are all essential tools for any digital marketer or webmaster. They allow you to quickly check and optimize your site, improve your ranking in search engine results pages, and monitor the progress of your campaigns.

From keyword research to content optimization and analysis, these extensions provide a comprehensive overview of how to improve your website's performance successfully. With this knowledge, you can be sure that you are taking the right steps toward improving your website and increasing its online visibility.

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