Selling on Facebook: Top Tips

Selling on Facebook: Top Tips

Facebook is one of the most famous and widespread platforms in the world and the one that has evolved the most over the years.

While it was once a virtual platform where you could interact with friends and get to know other people, today it has become the platform where individual members of the public and businesses coexist.

In France alone, there are 42 million Facebook users, with an average time spent on the platform of one hour and 30 minutes per day. With more than two billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the second-largest virtual place, after Google, where businesses can sell their products.

It’s no secret that Facebook rivals Google in terms of ad revenue, thanks to its growing importance as an alternative to sites such as Google and Amazon.

Leveraging Facebook's large user base can help you get a good return on your investment and, at a minimum, grow your customer base.

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Now let's take a look at the different ways to sell on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, or Facebook Storefronts.

Sell ​​on Facebook Marketplace

As we mentioned before, Facebook Marketplace has less to do with sales, but more with acting as a place where users, whether they are ordinary people, sellers or manufacturers, can list their products together at a price.

Interested parties can view the product list and contact the owner to purchase, negotiate, or inquire about the product.

Here are the steps to follow to sell on Facebook Marketplace: 

1. Connect to Facebook market

You can also log into Facebook Marketplace by logging into Facebook and clicking on the Marketplace option in the menu at the bottom left of your Facebook account home page.

2. Click on “Sell something”

3. Choose the type of product you want to try to sell

4. Choose between “Object for sale”, “Vehicle for sale” or “Houses for sale or rent”.

5. Complete product information

Please enter all required information, such as location, category, description, product photos, before proceeding with the sale.

6. Click on “Next.”

Once you have filled in the relevant data, click "Next" and you will be taken to a dialog that will ask you to share it for greater coverage with other groups you belong to.

Next, you just need to promote your ad to increase your visibility in the market.

Sell ​​Using the Storefront 

The other option we recommend to start selling on Facebook is to use another Facebook page that will act as a store for your products.

1. Create a page

All you need to sell on Facebook is a page, whether you want to have your own store or prefer to integrate it with your existing e-commerce site or store.

2. Create a window tab

It is the ideal solution for those who do not yet have a website or for those who want to improve their return on investment with their Facebook page.

To do this, follow the below steps:

· Log in to Facebook and browse your page.

· Select the "Showcase" tab of your page; if it is not visible, you will have to go to the "Settings" of your page, select the "Templates and tabs" section and click on the "Add a tab" button at the bottom of the page.

· Find the Store tab and click the button to add. You will finally have it on your page.

· After clicking on the Shop tab, select the payment method and enter the currency. Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be able to add products to your page by clicking "Add Product" in the "Store" tab.

· By clicking on "Add a product", you will be asked to fill in your product details, upload photos, define the number of parts in stock and delivery options. Fill in the fields accordingly and click "Save" to add the product to your page.

· Follow the same procedure if you want to add other products to your page.

3. Your virtual storefront is ready

At this point, you will have created your virtual storefront inside your business page on Facebook.

The main goal is to allow your customers to buy your products without having to leave the social network. The showcase function does not depend on the number of likes on your Facebook page: it can therefore be activated in any case.

The showcase feature makes it easier for your business to sell on Facebook as it allows customers to see your product description, name, price, and any photos or videos for free.

It also allows you to change the product inventory as you wish, always being available to the buyer, and having the buyer’s research data available. There is no limit to adding products; a showcase is also easy to create.

How to promote your business in Switzerland or in Europe on Facebook

Most of the users who decide to start a business on Facebook do so for the purpose of monetizing and earning income.

However, in order to earn income, you will first need to attract and convince the people who will come to your page, retain them and convert them into customers. Customers come when there is traffic to your store: without traffic, it's hard to reach a good audience.

Passive waiting leads nowhere. You are probably wondering how it is possible to be dynamic in the world of Facebook sales or maybe sales in general. We'd like to advise you on a few little tips your business can do to achieve great customer retention and redemption rates.

Before you get started, we want to let you know that it's essential to know the general rules of selling online, how to set the right price, define your target audience, and have the skills that can help you sell your products to buyers. They can easily be applied in the context of Facebook.

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