Which Social Media Platforms are Best for your Business?

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for your Business?

Social media marketing is one activity that can bring real benefits to your business. But of course, it takes time and resources to be effective.

To focus your efforts on the most effective platforms, you need to create an online presence only on the social media platforms that are genuinely really useful to your business.

But how do you choose them? In this article, we'll take a look at the top social networks to help you find the best ones for your business!

Which is the right social network for your business?


Who doesn’t love Instagram? The platform dedicated to visual content allows every user to bring out their creative side.

Logically, for some companies, this is the primary social network: if you are dealing with B2C, especially selling physical products, Instagram is just perfect.

The more the products have aesthetic value, the more useful the platform is. However, in reality, anyone can benefit from Instagram, even those who sell software or services.

This platform is often used to showcase the culture of a company through photos of employees, activities and daily work. It can help you create a “human” image of your business, and thus make a more personal connection with your customers.


It’s easy to forget that YouTube is a social network, and it is one of the most powerful! We often use it to download videos that will be used in other contexts, like different websites or social networks. But YouTube has made the fortunes of many companies.

On the other hand, if you are exclusively dedicated to videos, this requires a constant effort to create this type of content. You can use this platform for any type of communication, from educational videos to product presentations and corporate identity posts! Remember that users watch videos for fun or for the convenience of information.


As the king of social networks, it's hard to find a company for which this platform is not suited! Facebook gives you a large user base, an excellent advertising system, and a lot of useful features.

It also allows you to download any content and messages with links to videos or stories.

The platform certainly has an informal tone of voice, and is perfect for showing off your business in a light and carefree way. Its messaging platform can be used successfully for customer service activities and for interacting with users.

On Facebook, it is very easy to find your target audience because most people have a profile – there are more than one billion people active on Facebook! As such, it would be foolish to eliminate this platform from your social media strategy.


In Italy, Twitter is mainly approached by professionals, so you can see it as a kind of LinkedIn dedicated to the recurring publication of quick thoughts and content.

Despite the platform’s decline, it remains relevant in many countries, prompting international companies to come up with an appropriate strategy for it. If your business also operates overseas, Twitter is an option to consider.


There are many reasons why your business should get active on TikTok. It’s easy to capture your audience’s attention, because the content is presented in a full-screen format, meaning there are no other distractions when the content is being viewed.

TikTok is a fun platform to use with 800 million active users, so using it is a great way to expand your audience reach. You can also reach out to influencers to promote your products or create your own content in an authentic and entertaining way.


Pinterest has become an incredibly popular social tool and the platform has countless benefits for businesses. It increases links back to your site (which ultimately drives more traffic), user engagement is really high (which means your images are more likely to be seen and shared) and it converts more browsers into buyers.

Pinterest users are much more likely to convert into leads then sales much faster than other platforms. What more could you want from a platform?


This professional social network is the right place if you are dealing with B2B. The catchment area is professionalized and specialized, so that you can use more formal communication.

On LinkedIn, you can demonstrate your skill and provide useful content to users (including curation of content); the advertising system is also very effective.

LinkedIn hosts many B2C brands, but the successful ones tend to show the more formal side of the business: events, achievements, press releases. The most popular visual content on LinkedIn is videos and infographics, especially if they are informative.

The Choice is Yours

When it comes to social media, it can be tempting to join all of the platforms out there, but you’re honestly wasting your time doing this. With time and budget constraints, it’s more important to focus only on those platforms that are useful for our business.

So how can you choose which ones?

First of all, review each platform carefully to find out if your target audience is using them. Then, make sure you are able to produce appropriate, engaging content on a regular basis. After all, there’s no point setting up a profile if you’re not going to use it.

Which social media platforms is your company present on?

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