What’s the Difference between Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops?

What’s the Difference between Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops?

Did you know that there are two different shopping areas on Facebook?

These two platforms are Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops.

acebook’s Marketplace is the more well-known of the two areas and even has its own tab on the homepage, but it’s the Shops that come closest to the concept of e-commerce.

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What’s the difference between Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops?

The name “Marketplace” can be misleading, suggesting that it is the only website for all types of purchases on Facebook.

However, this is not exactly the case as the two serve different purposes and are aimed at different users.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace can be boiled down to a type of “Facebook Craigslist” rather than an online store. It has less to do with shopping, instead acting as a place where users – whether individuals, sellers, or manufacturers – can list their items together at a price.

Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2007, to be phased out in 2014. It was acquired in 2017 and Facebook gave it much more prominence: it was placed closer to the top of the network’s desktop and mobile application.

Buyers can view the product on the listing and contact the owner directly to negotiate, purchase, or inquire about the item.

Facebook Marketplace acts as a website for sellers to connect them with buyers and vice versa. There is no transaction gateway for making payments on the Facebook Marketplace.

Top Features of Facebook Marketplace:

· Allows users to list, find and advertise products

· You cannot buy or sell services in the Facebook Marketplace

· Does not support transactions

· Allows users to find the products and contact the seller directly

· Is more of a product listing site than an e-commerce platform

What is Facebook Shops? 

Facebook Shops is the function of the platform where you can list your products and sell them through your Facebook page.

This means that you can reach your audience much more easily and directly and then reach a huge base of potential customers.

This feature launched in late 2015, and the closest alternative to the current version was the Shopify Facebook Store, an app that allowed you to log in and list products on Shopify store Facebook pages.

Thanks to this application, millions of sellers have had the opportunity to list their products directly on their Facebook page and have also been able to integrate their products with external stores.

Now, thanks to the window functionality, you can allow your customers to see the products that can be purchased directly from your Facebook page, with the ability to proceed to checkout while avoiding the intermediate steps.

In effect, your customers are redirected directly to your external store or e-commerce site.

Facebook Showcase in Brief

· Allows sellers and businesses to list their products and sell them on the same platform

· Allows shoppers to purchase from different Facebook stores supports payment traffic based on your region and allows redirection to your external website, e-commerce platform, site or store

· Products are listed by the seller on their Facebook pages for viewing by customers and Facebook users. Rather, it is an online store that can be found on your Facebook page.

Choice of sales channel: Market or Facebook showcase  

The next step, which you should focus on in order to launch your sales on Facebook successfully, is to know which of the two shopping areas are the most suitable to set up in your business.

Now we want to show you the terms of use of both so that you can choose accordingly.

Facebook Marketplace

If you are the person trying to sell something around the house for really low prices then Facebook Marketplace is the platform for you.

That being said, this doesn't mean that businesses aren't using Facebook Marketplace to sell their products. On the contrary, businesses can effectively the Facebook Marketplace to provide highly personalized service to their customers.

This platform works only as an SEO place that serves to connect sellers and buyers. Buyers won't be able to rate or share reviews, and the products will take over, eclipsing the figure of the company itself.

The Functionality of the Showcase

On the other hand, this platform allows you, if you have a business, to open a Facebook page or use an existing page to list your products directly on the site.

Businesses prefer to sell on the Facebook store rather than on Facebook Marketplace, as this ensures greater visibility and can stand out as sellers.

Buyers can leave reviews and contact your business directly. You can then monitor and gain valuable data about your customers and opinions about the products you have listed.

In summary, Facebook Marketplace is the perfect solution if you are looking to sell products in small numbers.

You will certainly see some businesses using it from time to time, but this is not recommended as Facebook Marketplace does not offer customization or branding possibilities.

Storefront functionality is the best solution if you are a business or a producer as it helps you tap into the large user base while managing advertising campaigns, maintaining and developing your brand identity and getting in touch with customers.

The best news for you is that there is no charge for either. So, if your business isn’t on Facebook, it’s time to join this powerful social network and benefit from a free boost for your business.

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