Humanising Social Media

Humanising Social Media

It's difficult to pinpoint when it started, but during the last decade, people began to notice a change in how brands behaved on the internet.

There were no rules on a brand's tone on social media. But for a long time, most companies behaved the way they believed was normal: distant, cold, advertisement-based, and, perhaps more importantly, unhuman. 

Gradually, the tone began to change. Since social media was becoming important to a brand's business, some more innovative brands started to find an entirely new method of using the new platforms.

In contrast to the traditional single-channel communication that businesses were traditionally using, brands began to open the door to dialogue with consumers. 

As a result, they began to become more real and relatable, and the possibilities were seemingly limitless. 

Many brands began to realise the most effective way to connect with their audience was to behave as they did on social networks: by having fun.

Here are a few ways that large and small brands can increase their connections to their followers via social media.

Take Part In Trends

Some could view TikTok as an uninformed app that allows high school students to lip-sync with the songs they love; however, there are people from all generations using the platform.

The app is an amazing platform that allows brands to reach the public. Take a look at the trendy sounds and videos in TikTok recommendation. It may seem odd initially, but businesses have received lots of attention and goodwill from the public through their participation in trending topics or even acting out in the app.

Chipotle is a great example of this. They have a huge fan following on TikTok. Now you must be asking why so much effort is put into a fast food chain's presence on social media.

Chipotle has an astounding 2.1 million users on TikTok. It's not due to posting traditional ads; they have accepted TikTok as their social content platform. They are part of fashion. They create videos that look exactly like what others post. They don't go over and beyond to create an appealing presence on the social media platform. They want their site to be like the rest, and it's working.

Today, there's Chipotle content available to millions of customers throughout the day. It doesn't feel like marketing; it's like enjoyable TikTok routines. Their brand's visibility continues to increase due to it, and the brand name gets into the minds of their users regularly and will eventually cause more people to consider, "I could go for some Chipotle right now!"

Talk To Individuals

One of the greatest benefits that social media has is the interactivity it offers. Comments, tags, and replies are great ways for brands and users to communicate. Brands should profit from the opportunity that traditional advertising cannot provide.

The great thing about engaging with users at such a level is that it doesn't require a lot of effort or excess. 

Imping users with giveaways, freebies, or anything else is unnecessary. The only thing you need to do is to respond to an individual. This alone can be enough to make social media users gush because this makes the brand look more real and not a nameless entity.

So, tweet back at someone. Answer questions in the comments. Comment on a popular video. Make sure you do everything you can to prove that you are a real person on the other end of the account and have the same pleasure with social networks as the rest of us.

The more you interact with people in this way, the more likely they'll desire to connect with your brand. 

Everyone would like to hear a shout-out from a brand they want, and they're more likely to be more active and comment on your content if you can establish your brand as one that is active in communicating with its fans.

What are your thoughts in humanization?

Humanization is essential. We live in a time when individuals and brands have more in common than ever, and everyone is having fun on social media.

Brands should profit from this opportunity to increase their followers and spread the brand's name and positive word-of-mouth. A few cool videos or responses to user feedback will go a long way to boosting your brand's standing as a human-like entity instead of a distant business.

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