What are the Upcoming Trends in Content Marketing?

What are the Upcoming Trends in Content Marketing?

One of the fastest-growing industries today is content marketing. Content marketing is always evolving to meet the needs of new technologies and changing human behaviour. It is important to stay on top of changes in the landscape through content marketing trends.

This article will discuss the upcoming trends in content marketing for 2023 and onwards.

Competitors Have An Advantage By Knowing The Trends In Content Marketing

It can be difficult to determine which content marketing trends will last, and which are temporary. It's crucial to stay ahead in the innovation race with audiences looking for new content amongst fierce competition within the industry.

1. Multi-Channel Repurposing Of Content

Companies can offer more discreet marketing with the emergence of Web3 and the possibility to create hyper-personalized content. 

Marketers are now under greater pressure to produce high-quality content that is also authoritative. It will be a key requirement to create content that can transcend platforms to new heights.

2. AI-Powered Content

The rise of AI is unstoppable. GPT-3, which uses AI for data collection and automatic content generation, will likely become more well-known in 2023. This will majorly impact content marketers as it allows them to create content at a large scale, which will help with marketing. This will also allow you to create lots of content quickly. However, always ensure your content is of a high quality, with a focus on readability.

3. Creative SEO

Creativity was never a discipline that could be combined with SEO until recently, when innovative agencies found a way to combine the two for client campaigns. 

Creative SEO is a sub-genre that combines the technical skills of SEO with the creativity of people.

4. First-Party Data Content

Content marketers will have to search elsewhere for user data collection, as both Google and Apple are tightening down on cookies. This will result in a higher priority and emphasis on data-driven content. This trend will change everything because content marketers now have to find new ways to collect user data for targeted ads.

5. Purpose-Driven Content

The purpose-led content trend in content marketing is growing. This is content that is designed to make an impact on society and the environment. 

Many content marketing efforts will focus on climate change, equality, and other social issues. This goes beyond selling products and services. 

For content marketing, it is important to build a community or network of like-minded people who buy into your brand. You must be authentic when creating purpose-driven content. Audiences will quickly point out brands if they aren't authentic.

6. Video continues to be of Vital Importance

Video will be a key component of all content marketing strategies, especially social ones. UGC (user-generated content) is a majority of the marketing industry and will continue to be a strong performer in the coming years.

7. Conversion Storytelling

Conversion storytelling uses insights-driven storytelling to move customers along their journey. It prioritizes quality over quantity to create content that connects with customers and drives them towards action, regardless of their current stage in the journey. 

Conversion storytelling is important to help shape customer journeys and connect customers to brands.

8. Content Monetization

Businesses will continue to be more interested in content monetization in digital and printed formats.

Two aspects of content commercialization include advertising and brand partnerships.

In previous years, content marketers have developed a subscription-based service where you have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to read content on websites. 

In the coming years, paid subscriptions, content monetization, and paywalls (where you have to pay to read content when you are trying to access it) will play a major role in content marketing, and businesses will be more confident to try them.

9. Show More, Talk Less

It's easy to talk too much about sustainability, inclusion, and transparency. But it's not enough. It's important to show more and talk less. 

Younger generations don't believe in talking. They want to see things in action. To meet the demand of young generations, marketing must be more creative and sometimes lean on product innovation.

10. Evergreen Content Should Be Given A Higher Priority

Evergreen Content focuses on topics that are always relevant and of value to your target audience. 

There is no expiry date for such content. A reader can still find value in the content five years from now, by making minor adjustments. 

Brands will seek more ROI from content marketing budgets. This means creating content assets that can be reused repeatedly and increase value. The key content marketing trend will be to prioritize evergreen assets.

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