How to Create Instagram Reels

How to Create Instagram Reels

Reels allows you to make enjoyable videos to send to your friends or anyone else on Instagram.

Make and edit 15-second multi-clip videos using effects, audio, and new tools for creative use.

It is possible to share reels with your Feed followers, or if you have a public Instagram account, you can share your reels with the entire Instagram community by launching a new area in Explore.

Reels within Explore let anyone create content on Instagram and reach new viewers globally.

How it works

In the process of creating reels

To create a reel, tap the ‘+’ in the top-right of the screen. In the dropdown, select ‘Reel.’ Here, you'll find various editing tools for creative purposes on your screen. These tools will assist you in building your reel. These include:

  • Audio 

Find a track from Instagram's Instagram Music Library. You can also make use of your audio source by recording a reel using that. If you upload a reel that has the original audio, it will be assigned to you. If you have a public account, you can create reels from your music by choosing "Use the Audio" in your reel.

  • AR effects

Choose one of many effects available in Instagram’s gallery of effects, designed by Instagram and other creators from around the globe. This feature allows you to create multiple videos with various effects.

  • Timer and countdown

The timer will record all of your videos hands-free. After pressing record, you'll be greeted with the 3-2-1 countdown, and then the recording starts for the length of time you chose.

  • Alignment

Line up objects from your previous video before recording the next one to aid in creating seamless transitions during occasions such as changing outfits or adding new characters to your reel.

  • Speed

Choose the speed to increase or decrease the speed of the audio or video you've selected. This feature allows you to create a fast-paced videos, slow-motion videos, or something in between.

Films may be recorded in the form of a series of clips (one at each time), all at once or via video uploads in your galleries.

Record the first one by holding and pressing the button to capture it. You'll see a progress indicator on the screen while you record. Stop recording at the end of every clip.

Sharing Reels

With Reels, you can post content to those you are following, however, your reels are also discoverable by the vast and wide-ranging Instagram userbase on Explore.

  • When you've got a public account

You can share your reel in a designated area in Explore and have the possibility of being seen and viewed by the larger Instagram community. Your followers can share it by posting it to their own feeds.

When you share reels with specific songs, hashtags or even effects, your reel could be displayed on specific pages when someone clicks on the song, hashtag, or effects.

  • If you own a private account

Reels adhere to your privacy settings on Instagram. The users won't be able to play the original sound from your reels and share your reels with anyone who does not follow you.

When your reel is complete, then go to the share screen. There, you can save an outline of your reel. You can also change the image of your cover, include hashtags and captions and then tag your contacts.

Once you've shared your reel on social media, it'll be displayed in a separate ‘Reels’ section on the profile, where users can view the reels you've shared.

If you share it on your feed, the reel will show up on the main grid of your account, however, you do have the option of removing it.

If you are a member of a private or public account, you can share the reel via Stories, with friends from your circle or via the form of a direct message.

If you do, the reel will behave like a normal Story that is not shared with Reels Explore.

Watching Reels

Reels on Explore showcase the latest trends in popular culture Instagram.

Explore a variety of entertaining reels that anyone can make on Instagram and in a vertical feed that is specifically tailored to your preferences.

If you are a fan of reels, you can quickly like, comment on and share the image with fellow Instagram users.

There are reels sporting the "Featured" tag. If your reel has been included in the ‘Explore’ section of the app, you'll receive an email notification.

The featured reels are a collection of reels that are public and selected by Instagram to allow you to find original content that is intended to amuse and inspire you.

Reels provide people with different ways of expressing themselves. Learn their passions on Instagram and assist anyone who dreams of becoming a creator to get noticed.

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