Creating an E-Shop: How to Sell Online

Creating an E-Shop: How to Sell Online

E-commerce is an idea pursued by many businesses, both by those who have a physical store and want to increase their sales, and by those who are inspired by new trends and want to explore their online options.

E-commerce helps businesses to improve efficiency, simplify sales and marketing and increase revenue. 

In particular, the global coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses worldwide, forcing them to either close down entirely, or transfer their operations to the online space. So if you want your business to stay afloat during these unprecedented times, it’s vital to create a compelling online presence.

Creating an e-shop is not necessarily complicated and can be completed relatively quickly, provided you have the support of a professional agency to guide you along the way. You can also begin with a handful of products and slowly expand not only your product offering but your target audience too.

EWM, a professional web design agency in Geneva, has successfully assisted countless businesses of all types and sizes with creating an online presence.

EWM helps businesses to find the best solutions when it comes to selling online.

Here we breakdown what you need to know about successfully selling online…

How to Sell Online: Tools and Solutions

First of all, where is the best place to sell online?

Is it preferable to have an autonomous platform where can best express your brand, or to rely on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, that are easily trackable by consumers?

There’s a huge difference between setting up your own site and using e-commerce platforms. It’s like choosing between buying or renting a house.

With your own site (powered by open-source platforms such as WordPress or Magento), you have a great deal of autonomy plus you can increase your visibility with the right tools and knowledge.

While you need to make an initial investment, the platform belongs to you which you can edit and market as you wish. Alternatively, with platforms such as Amazon or eBay, you have to rent space to sell your products, paying a lot to stay there. You are not independent and have to compete with countless other retailers, meaning you may also have to consider dropping your prices.

Branded or exclusive e-commerce sites, like the ones we create with our web design agency in Geneva, offer your company total autonomy. With your own platform, you can present your products the way you want and at the price you think is appropriate, without having to compete with any other brands on your site.

You can create a custom site for your brand and have full control over your site, enabling you to get the most out of your sales.

Online Sales, E-Commerce and Promotion Channels

In the absence of an appropriate marketing strategy, it is difficult for an e-commerce platform to generate the desired sales volume. This is simply because users don't know about your site, or can’t find it.

However, with the right mix of UI/UX design, optimized site, SEO and promotion, you can increase traffic to your site and thus more quickly reach your sales and turnover objectives.

When opening an e-commerce site, you should consider the possible communication and promotion channels that will benefit your business:

·         SEO and indexing

·         Blog

·         Pay Per Click

·         Social media marketing

·         Ads and online campaigns

·         Mailing list and newsletter

These sectors are as demanding as they are difficult and require expertise. It is not recommended to improvise your social media strategy or first Google campaign, as there are techniques required to boost your success.

With competition intensifying by the day, there are so many spaces and markets to capitalize on – but everything must be done with skill and professionalism.

E-commerce Solutions for Selling on the Web

If you already have an e-commerce site but need additional advice on how to increase your customer base and therefore your turnover through sales online, EWM can help you by offering innovative marketing solutions and strategies.

For example, you can customize call-to-action pages and landing pages. You can also follow visitors’ action on your site and allow them to communicate their data so that you can define their interests and offer them products that will solve their problems. You can also integrate a Google advertising or remarketing campaign.

In this context, user-specific calls-to-action and landing pages are particularly valuable.

Owning your own online store also means you have full control over the feature list. Many e-commerce platforms allow you to integrate new features, using modules and extensions. With the support of EWM., you can also develop your own custom module for a truly unique e-commerce platform.

Another benefit of owning your own e-commerce store is that you can directly access your customers, which is great for building brand loyalty. This enables you to create a stronger relationship between you and your customers, where you can send them tailored emails, offers and content.

At the end of the day, being able to count on regular customers who buy frequently from your platform is the ultimate way to increase online sales. When you have loyal customers, they also become advocates of your brand, and what better way to promote your brand than through word of mouth marketing?

EWM offers you proven expertise in the creation of e-shops in Switzerland and Europe.

If you’re seeking effective e-commerce solutions, contact EWM. today.



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