4 Reasons why your Business Needs a Modern Logo

4 Reasons why your Business Needs a Modern Logo

A classic scenario we encounter here at EWM is a company that has been using the same logo for many years, and hasn’t considered refreshing or renewing it for a more modern look.

Generally speaking, outdated logos can negatively impact your business’ identity. Since they are often the first visual connection your prospects have with your business, it’s vital that they are up-to-date while accurately reflecting your brand.

Is your logo outdated?

An outdated logo can cause complete disaster for a business: poor quality images, different versions of the company's material, and even a wide range of colours.

Then there are those businesses that believe they don't need a logo at all. These are the businesses that choose simple to write the company name, which, unfortunately, leads to lack of brand discovery and recognition.

Another classic mistake is the poorly created, "homemade" logo, whether made by a friend or an acquaintance without clear thought or consideration.

Even if you are not such an image-conscious person or graphic design expert, you should understand that having a professional logo is very important, not to say fundamental.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Creates positive first impressions

The logo is the first image that people have of your brand. Successful business owners understand that a great logo design will make a positive first impression with customers. When potential customers see your business in an advertisement, whether online or offline, they will make a snap judgement in half a second or less.

For this reason, your logo must be unique and original while immediately expressing your brand’s characteristics.

A logo is an element of identification, thanks to which your business is immediately recognisable.

Without an appropriate logo, your products, services or brand will have no personality, therefore you will struggle to establish an immediate relationship with your customers.

As such, your logo design can make or break a customer’s decision to interact with you.

2. You will always be identifiable from the competition

Another advantage of a great logo is its ability to distinguish you from your competition.

Your logo must be well-designed, not only because it represents your brand but also because it makes you different from all of your competitors, regardless of the market you operate in.

3. Increase loyalty and self-confidence

If someone doesn't know your brand, perhaps they are looking for different businesses with the same product or service offering, and find themselves in front of companies with the following scenario:

· Business 1: Without a logo

· Business 2: With a poor-quality logo

· Business 3: With a professional design

Which business do you think they will trust the most?

A logo reflects the commitment you make in what you do and the care with which you run your business. Even those who have come to know you will become faithful to this image.

Think, for example, of the Nike tick, Apple’s bitten apple or McDonald’s golden arches.

These logos are immediately recognizable without the need to include the name of the brand underneath. People from all corners of the globe most probably recognise these logos from afar, and no one can argue that they are anything else.   

As such, a well-designed logo creates trust and inspires people to stick around. It demonstrates to people that you not only offer great products or services, but that you deliver those products or services with professionalism, care and dedication.

4. A key element for online promotion

As you know, businesses cannot forego promoting themselves on the internet.

Again, if you want to create a website or get started on social media marketing platforms, the first thing you need is a logo.

Across these channels, the first thing that people will see is your logo, so think carefully when it comes to logo design, focusing on making it:

· Memorable

· Versatile

· Simple

· Timeless

· Appropriate

Are you looking to build brand recognition with an amazing logo design?

Look no further than EWM, our branding agency in Geneva. Our team of experts will create a custom logo design for your brand based on your unique specifications.

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