3 Game-Changing Moments that Matter in Digital Marketing

3 Game-Changing Moments that Matter in Digital Marketing

A decade ago, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) and data-driven marketing were mind-boggling concepts. We could barely perceive them as forming part of our day-to-day lives, but today, they are of vital importance to businesses.

By ignoring them, you risk running your business into the ground. By adapting to these rapidly evolving changes, you enhance your chances of remaining popular and successful.

Marketing technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace and there are countless trends and consumer interests to keep up with.

Here are some of the biggest game-changing moments that matter in digital marketing for 2020 and beyond:

1.     Micro-moments

A micro-moment is a moment in which a person uses their device to make an instant decision based on one or more of the following factors:

·       I-want-to-know moments

·       I-want-to-go moments

·       I-want-to-do moments

·       I-want-to-buy moments

If consumers feel a brand can deliver on their needs, they will be more likely to buy from them. They want to be able to read about something, learn more and buy more of it in just a few clicks.

To capitalise on micro-moments, your business needs to be where consumers are searching for information. This information needs to be available in a fast, relevant and useful way; marketers must therefore rethink the marketing funnel in order to take into account awareness, consideration and decision.

2.     Visual Search

Visual search has the power to take the user experience to a brand new level. Simply upload an image into a Visual Search tool for more specific results.

With Google Lens, you take a photo of an item, such as home goods or apparel, to find similar products and where to buy them. Some of the many other items you can take photos of include:

·       Business cards: Save details from the card such as email address or phone number

·       Books: Get summaries and read reviews

·       Buildings: Discover historical facts, opening hours and more

·       Plants or animals: To learn about species and breeds

It’s not just Google that offers visual search. Platforms such as Pinterest, CamFind and Bing all feature Visual Search capabilities. 

Pinterest Lens is their Visual Search tool. To use it, take a photo of an item that you like, upload it to Pinterest Lens and the platform will show where you can buy that item (or something similar) online.

Similar to Pinterest, CamFind enables you to take a photo of something and search for it online for price comparisons, similar items and local shops selling that item.

Finally, Bing Visual Search allows you to zoom in on a photo, take note of a specific item you like and get detailed information about it.

These Visual Search tools are fast gaining popularity in place of typing queries into search engines.

3.     Voice Search and Smart Speakers

According to Quora Creative, 40% of adults now use mobile voice search daily. Companies need to take this into account if they want to remain relevant and appealing to consumers.

AI is getting increasingly refined and the amount of errors made by voice assistants such as Alexa, Google and Siri has vastly dropped.

Many major brands are using voice search to optimise the customer experience, build stronger relationships with their customers and generate brand loyalty. As 2020 evolves, we can expect to see a growing number of businesses adopting voice search as part of their digital marketing efforts.


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