Why Choose Magento for your Website?

Why Choose Magento for your Website?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP.

It is considered one of the top e-commerce systems in the world, empowering retailers and brands with its flexible cloud solutions and versatile content management system.

Many global brands are using Magento to shape their websites, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Canon, Hermes Paris and Liverpool Football Club.

But why are these brands opting for Magento to serve their customers?

Read on for the top reasons why brands small and large choose Magento, and how it can benefit your business:

The Magento Content Management System is perfect for websites dedicated to online sales. It represents the middle ground between SEO optimization for e-commerce, articulated structure, simplicity and community support.

While you certainly need a certain set of technical skills to use Magento, by adopting the assistance of EWM, a leading web design agency in Geneva, you’ll gain their professional support and expertise in the field.

High Security

Security is of paramount importance for any website, and when it comes to Magento, you’re guaranteed the highest level of security at all times. Magento’s security centre constantly provides users with all the information they need about security, security patches, security practices and security updates. It also offers quick support when needed.

Compared with other platforms, Magento has less chance of being hacked, thanks to its built-in features that do not involve the risk of installing additional extensions. As such, Magento offers the ideal security system, enabling businesses to fulfil their business requirements without the worry of security threats.

Rich Features

Magento comes with many rich and diverse features, enabling business owners to manage every stage of their business, from product creation right through to promotions and digital marketing.

High Scalability

No matter the size or type of business you operate, Magento is ideal. It is highly scalable, meaning you can start on a small scale with a limited number of products, but also widen your business scale with an unlimited number of products. So whether you’re a small online business or a giant enterprise, Magento has the capabilities to support you.

SEO Friendly

Magento provides users with plenty of SEO components to enhance rankings on search engine results pages. From metadata and URL rewrites to out-of-the-box tools that you may not find out on other platforms, Magento stands out.

Create a site: Domain and Hosting of your E-Commerce Website

Before you begin, you must follow two mandatory steps. First, you must buy a domain and choose a name that suits you. Whatever solutions you are considering, keep in mind that extensions can help you communicate with the user.

In addition, you should always choose HTTPS, especially if you decide to sell online. Nowadays, it is practically impossible to have any credibility as a digital store without SSL certification, which must be clearly presented on your site.

Further, your site needs to have a fast loading speed; otherwise, you run the risk of losing conversions – which are directly proportional to your revenue growth. Slow site loading speed also prevents people from returning to your site in the future, which again impacts negatively on your conversion rates. 

With SSD drives, quality hosting at Magento should have HTTP/2 and HTTP Keep-Alive, as well as a series of technical requirements (webserver with PHP such as Apache, database server MySQL) which are part of the software requirements.

Further, since you are about to start an e-commerce site, you will also need accommodation with good capacities and a tendency for growth. as such, you may want to consider generous, non-offered solutions for single page sites or personal blogs.

You will be forced to upgrade almost immediately, so it is best to start with a business program. Alternatively, you may choose to invest in a VPS, which offers excellent hosting for advanced e-commerce, or if possible in a private server.

Remember that in web configurations, you need to define a series of milestones for your store. For example, you can configure HTTPS and URL rewriting, both of which are essential for improving usability and optimizing your site's SEO.

Is Magneto right for your Business?

As you can see, the Magento platform comes with countless impressive features and presents endless benefits for businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about using this first-class platform, contact EWM to discuss your e-commerce software needs.



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