What is the Best OS for Web Design and Web Development?

What is the Best OS for Web Design and Web Development?

Most programmers are confused about the OS (Operating System) and don't know which one is best for web design and development.

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider various OS aspects and what they offer.

This article will examine the various OSs and how they can help web developers and designers. In addition, we are also going to discuss the advantages of each OS and what they offer to web designers and web developers.

What Is an Operating System?

Operating systems act as an intermediary between a computer user and the hardware used by computers. They aim to provide a platform where users can perform programs efficiently and quickly.

Each computer needs operating systems to function efficiently. Operating systems are responsible for controlling and allotting resources like Memory CPU, Memory, and Storage to all applications running on the device.

Once the OS is loaded successfully on hardware, the operating system helps you utilise different hardware in a CPU.

The Operating System is designed to simplify computation by allowing multitasking. For instance, all background apps run through the OS, and if you are not using an application, then it suspends the application but stores its data in RAM, so you don't lose data in that application.

Operating systems coordinate all the tasks that are executed by the computer to ensure that every application gets the resources it requires. 

Modern operating systems employ graphic user Interface (GUI), i.e., everything is displayed on the screen with text and graphics, and a mouse may be used to click on buttons or icons and even menus.

This article will answer questions related to the best OS for web design and web development.

Popular Types of OS Programming

1. Linux Kernel, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu

For web developers, Linux Mint is a superior choice. Once you've used Linux Mint for a while, you can move to Ubuntu. Linux is considered the most effective and impressive operating system for software development.

Benefits that come with Linux:

  • Open-source. The main benefit that comes with the use of Linux is that it is an open-source program, and a user can modify it according to their experience.
  • Reliable. Linux is extremely reliable, and the updates will not disrupt your workflow.
  • Secure. Linux and Ubuntu allow you to secure your drive. It's extremely efficient and can also be used with security for networks.
  • High Performance. Linux is a speedy, lightweight and efficient OS. Source code and scripts run more efficiently in Linux, which is why it's the ideal operating system for the programmer.
  • Easy Installation of Modules. Installing complicated modules and programs is a simple task in Linux. Compared to other programming languages, Linux is faster and simpler to use.

Limitations of Linux OS:

  • Errors. Since it is open source and independent OS, don't expect regular updates on Linux, unlike Windows or Mac. While it's an independent OS, there are a few incidents of system failures, and you can face driver and other hardware issues that you won't see on other OS.
  • Non-supported software. For a naive user, the OS lacks software support. For instance, Microsoft Word and other similar utility programs aren't available on Linux. It comes with its version of office. However, it is not as good as Microsoft Office.
  • They limited Technical Assistance. While Mac and Windows users can speak to tech support any time they need help, Linux users can't. It's because it's a completely free-to-use OS and is not owned by a single company.

2. Mac OS

Mac OS comes from the giant of technology, Apple. Many of us are already familiar with this OS.

Benefits that come with macOS:

  • Easy Installation. Installing tools for development, software, and applications is simple.
  • High-tech Features. Mac OS has various distinctive features, such as a visual studio for editing film optimised according to each hardware and a user-friendly navigation system. Hardware optimisation allows users to utilise their hardware to the maximum potential. This is the reason why Mac OS is best for users who develop website and web designs.
  • Facilitates Multitasking. Mac is designed for multitasking. The ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously and effortlessly switch between them is a fundamental characteristic of this OS.
  • iOS Development. If you are a developer developing applications to work with Apple items, Mac is the best option. Devices, files, and data can be easily synchronised to Apple cloud servers to facilitate storage and sharing.
  • Efficient Tech Support. Apple offers quick tech support with various options in case you encounter problems.

Limitations of mac OS:

  • Unaffordable. They are really expensive, the latest M2 and M1 laptops are expensive.
  • It is not recommended for gamers. Apple computers are easily outclassed in performance by the Windows system in terms of gaming capabilities. If you're involved in game development and use software like Unreal Engine and Unity engine, don't buy an Apple device because it is impossible to develop games on Mac OS.
  • Flexible upgrades. You can't add memory or change the processor or GPU on any apple device because apple has soldered everything on board that doesn't allow any upgradability.

3. Windows 10/11

Windows is a user-friendly OS and has a broad range of software. It is user-friendly and has evolved to be the best OS on the planet.

Benefits that come with Windows 10:

  • Antivirus. There is a common misconception among windows users that it is vulnerable to the virus. However, in reality, the built-in antivirus protection is powerful and protects its users from most threats.
  • Cheap. Windows 10 is considerably cheaper than the latest Mac. It offers the best price-to-performance ratio for web developers and designers because of its wide range of web development and designing software.
  • Extended Battery Life. Compared to the Mac, Windows has longer battery life, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery when performing web design and web development-related tasks.
  • Simple upgrades. For programmers who want to get regular updates on their systems, Windows is a better option.

Limitations of Windows 10:

  • Forces updates. You will often find that your Windows operating system can stop functioning properly if you don't update it. This can force you to stop what you are doing and restart your OS, which closes all running applications. Numerous users have complained about this issue on Windows.
  • Speed limitations. Compared to Mac and Linux, Windows is slow in running scripts, switching between tasks, and composing code.

Final Thoughts

There are many operating systems on the market, so you need to take your time to try a handful so that you can determine the specific requirements you have. 

If you find the operating system you want to use that matches your requirements, you can eventually use it for web design and web development.

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