How to Make an Instagram Business Profile

How to Make an Instagram Business Profile

Did you know that 50% of Instagram users follow at least one professional account?

hat’s more, on this social network, brand engagement is 10 times higher than on Facebook?

In short, the statistics clearly show that people who use Instagram are more likely to interact with these brands: consider that in March 2017 alone, more than 120 million Instagrammers responded to specific requests when exposed to a Call-to-Action button.

We’re sure we've convinced you, so now let's dive into the key steps to launching an Instagram business profile that is sure to be successful.

First of all, in order to have an Instagram account, you must have a Facebook page that can be accessed by a link.

f you already manage commercial pages, you will definitely have one, so you're good to go on Instagram too.

The main difference between a business Instagram account and a private account is the information you can get.

With a business profile, you can always see the results of your posts and your profile. We recommend that you always monitor them to see if your strategy is successful.

Business Instagram Profile: Why and How to Do It

Profile photo and biography

Use an appropriate tone of voice for the target audience you want to intercept. This applies to both your bio and your posts.

Your profile photo, like on Facebook, should match your company or brand logo. If you can, use an attractive background colour because along with the biography, the profile picture will be your business card. A tip is to include a call to action in the bio, if only to invite people to visit your site or store, providing the necessary links.

Feeds and legends

Your photo flow should first be uniform. By this we don’t mean monotonous, but governed by precise guidelines that should be maintained at all times, regarding the lights, colours and subjects that will be displayed.

This is very important for a platform like Instagram (less so for Facebook since it is not populated exclusively with visual content).

Since Instagram is primarily focused on the visual in terms of photos and images, this gives you the opportunity to effectively represent your brand to current and potential customers.

Take the time to create original and bright photography that grabs the attention of those looking at them.

As for your captions, here too, of course, you have to be creative, without exaggerating and taking into account the tone of voice with which the brand usually communicates.

Use the language most spoken by your audience, but don't be afraid to write in English, which has become a universal language and very popular on Instagram. Using English in this case is also convenient as the captions should be relatively short.

Also, avoid advertising messages as these don’t usually work on social media. If you want to get people to buy your product, never do it directly or you risk creating the opposite effect.


You can use up to 60 hashtags for each photo posted. We recommend that you don’t overdo it and only take those that are of interest to the niche audience you are interested in.

There are several sites and tools on the web for finding hashtag suggestions, and you can take inspiration from the Instagram blog.

In general:

· They shouldn't be too "big" in that they shouldn't be hooked up to too much content, otherwise you might shoot up the stack and become invisible, instead of hitting your user.

· They should not be among those that are considered prohibited or spam.

· They should relate to the content and location of the photo.


To get the most out of Instagram, we recommend that you also focus on Stories.

tories have seen tremendous growth since their implementation, and specific insights are available on them so you can track their performance as well.

Stories have a great grip on the public because they are immediate. They disappear after 24 hours (which reinforces their exclusivity) and are ideal for giving even more substance to your communication on Instagram.


Another point to consider for your Instagram marketing strategy is influencers.

Only contact them and use their communication power if your brand needs it: finding the right ones isn’t easy and managing them takes time and attention.

However, if you do choose the right influencer, you can benefit from increased brand awareness, an enriched content strategy and incredible value to your audience.

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