5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories

5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories

Since they were included in the platform, Stories have become one of the most popular features on Instagram.

Millions of people use them daily, sometimes instead of the classic post of a photo! Many companies are using them, but just as many have yet to start.

Instagram Stories

The "volatility" of content

Companies that do not yet use Stories are often held back by the very nature of this tool. The idea of ​​creating content that is destined to disappear quickly discourages companies from posting there.

So how can you overcome this obstacle? You simply need to change the way you think about content marketing, remembering that the web feeds on ephemeral content.

The content posted on Instagram Stories should be spontaneous – in other words, if you find an opportunity to grab your smartphone and film something, don’t be afraid to post it on Instagram Stories!

When you adopt this approach, this will help you to approach Instagram Stories without the fear of wasting money.

While many businesses go it alone, others adopt the assistance of a digital marketing agency such as EWM, a leading web design agency in Geneva. Using our support, you’ll be better able to market your business, build brand recognition and deal with a highly competitive environment.

With that in mind, here are 5 creative ways to successfully use Instagram Stories in your marketing activities!

1. Promote your Articles

You can use Stories to promote your blog posts. How? By turning them into simple and engaging visual content!

Simply extract the title, strengths and an effective call to action. Then insert the link to the article at the end and that’s it – you’re done!

Instagram is a platform that limits the use of external links and is based on images: with a little creativity in the Stories section, you can use it to increase traffic to your blog.

Many businesses and brands use this approach to share information in an interesting and digestible way. By making content easy to absorb, people will be more interested in your brand – and much more likely to visit your website. 

2. Demonstrate your Products in Action

If you want to give more information about your products by showing some practical uses and features, then Stories is the perfect place for this.

You can play around with creativity, using the same starting image to which you can add different effects and graphics to build the story. You can also show the items one after the other and then demonstrate how they combine or complement one another.

Remember to keep all content completely branded by choosing colours and tone carefully. Make sure anything you do on the platform reflects your brand.

3. Showcase what goes on Backstage

Showing the way things are done ‘backstage’ satisfies the curiosity of your audience. You can apply this concept to any sector: from the backstage of a fashion show to the production line of a design object!

Any communication that includes a “behind the scenes” approach has many positive aspects. It conveys the value of the product because it shows the commitment necessary to make it happen. It also involves the audience by satisfying their curiosity. Further, it boosts your brand image as it increases the perceived professionalism in your brand.

4. Celebrate Company Milestones

If you’ve got a company milestone coming up, create a story to highlight your company occasion and showcase some of the great things your company has accomplished.

Remember to keep your Stories relevant to your brand, evoking your brand’s personality through your use of tone and colours.

5. Run Polls

Another great way to use Instagram Stories is by running polls. Instead of sending out a boring old customer questionnaire, you get all the answers you need with a single tap.

Polls are highly interactive and a great way to perform market research and get customer feedback. They are also a lot of fun, while the creative possibilities are endless!

Are you ready to use Instagram Stories for your business and increase the engagement of your followers? Then take out your smartphone and start creating!

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