How to Improve E-A-T SEO

How to Improve E-A-T SEO

In light of the importance it plays for organic search results, let's discuss some of the Google E-A-T SEO best techniques.

There are many steps that you could follow to significantly improve the quality of the content of your site and ensure it sends out the trust signals Google (and its users) would like to see.

Create the best backlinks using Off-page SEO

Backlinks that originate from authoritative, relevant domains form the foundation of a successful SEO strategy and are one of the most effective methods to show that you're a respected authority in your field.

If you're involved in IT consulting and you receive the backlink of a teenage fashion site, it will not be helpful. It could even cause you to be a victim of a manual penalty if you expand these kinds of strategies.

One lead generation site for insurance discovered this when it generated thousands of poor-quality hyperlinks on non-related websites, it saw all its page one rankings eventually disappear (many were relegated to the 15th page).

More mentions are available from trusted sources.

In addition to backlinks receiving mentions from reliable sources, they can also increase your E-A-T qualifications.

The more your company's name and brand are featured on authoritative websites, the more Google considers you an authority that can be trusted.

Based on a Google Patent, "implied links" -- i.e., simple text that mentions your brand's name, is regarded as an aspect of a backlink.

The patent categorizes inbound hyperlinks in terms of "express links, implied links, or both" and clarifies that they could be real hyperlinks and simple text. Also, any incoming links from trusted websites - explicit and implied - count to determine the page's quality.

Google's Gary Illyes has since confirmed that the mentions of websites with high authority are counted and taken into ranking decision-making.

Once you've realized the importance of mentions, the question is, how can you ensure they are secured?

There are numerous ways to secure more mentions. For instance:

● Guest posts on authoritative websites

● Interviews with security

● Appear on podcasts

● Work with influencers and partners

● Participate in or host events

● Donate to charity events

● Create valuable resources

● Innovations are launched.

Make sure that content is current and accurate

If the content on your site is something that isn't changing, you likely have pages with information that's either outdated or out of date.

Suppose you can ensure that all your content is up-to-date with the most current information. This is especially true when dealing with pages containing urgent information like news.

Consider medical information, in which case it's crucial to update the content in line with the most recent research and news in the field of medical research.

Find more reviews (and take action to address them)

It's always a great business plan to collect and then promote review sites online about your product or service.

An abundance of favourable reviews on various websites (Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) proves that your business is reliable in customers' eyes.

When reviews are received, ensure you respond to them, even the negative ones. If you reply to feedback, it can boost your brand's credibility as trustworthy and dedicated to keeping customers satisfied.

Hire or use experts

Google seems to encourage content created by someone with the right credentials to create it. Highly-sourced content is essential if your website falls into YMYL (‘your money or your life’) territory.

This is why most of the top websites for health information (Healthline, Verywell, etc.) contain content written and/or edited by medical professionals.

You can boost the E-A-T of your website by collaborating with people with extensive experience in the field and credentials to prove their experience.

How you define "hiring experts" doesn't refer to a Google E-A-T point of view and does not mean hiring copywriters who can write about a subject but don't have any experience working in this field.

Make sure you have your credentials visible

Do not just claim that your authors are experts without verifying their expertise. Examine their credentials and place the information on your website with the content they create.

Also, you should include links to their websites and social profiles to assist Google in determining the source of your content.

What’s more, it would help if you mentioned your experts on pages that explain the people who run your website, like your About, Team, and the Contributors. Don't be afraid to showcase the writer's credentials.

Suppose your writers have degrees, accreditations, or have taken the time to establish themselves as an authority in your particular area. In that case, your company is entitled to let others (and Google) know about it.

Anything related to your field of expertise should be showcased:

● Education

● Awards

● Books authored

● Certifications

● Speaking engagements

● Conference panel members

  1. Provide your contact information

It might seem trivial to you, but displaying your contact details on your site proves that you're a legitimate business with real people. Websites that don't offer contact information are likely to not care too much about the people who visit their site.

Future of Google's E-A-T SEO

The next decade is expected to provide a wider, more thorough, and more extensive use of E-A-T to discover websites, authors, speakers, and brands.

In 2020, for instance, Google received patents that read 'Speaker Identification,' which allows for the identification of particular speakers through the technology of speech recognition.

The search algorithm continues to evolve via general updates to the core algorithm and micro-adjustments. But the goal of Google is the same.

To achieve that goal, the Google algorithm is constantly improving in determining precisely what people are looking for and providing more relevant outcomes.

Google's E-A-T is completely aligned with this goal.

Suppose you are aware of your customers' needs and can deliver the content in a professional, reliable and credible way. In that case, your SEO efforts are more likely to be successful.

If E-A-T is one of the foundational frameworks for your SEO strategy, you’ll always be in the best position to be successful.

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