E-commerce: 3 Mistakes that Limit Sales

E-commerce: 3 Mistakes that Limit Sales

Competition in online sales is fierce. As competition increase, visibility inevitably continues to decline.

If you've been successful in bringing a customer to your e-commerce business, you are already off to a good start! But there are certain features of your site that have a great influence on the chances of users buying or not buying.

Oftentimes, engaging the support of an agency, such as EWM.’s professional web design agency in Geneva, is the ideal solution for ensuring an outstanding e-shop that converts.

Here are 3 typical mistakes that limit your sales: Eliminate them and your online store will leap ahead!

E-Commerce: 3 Mistakes that Limit Sales

1. Exploiting cross-selling and upselling

Up-selling and cross-selling techniques are used both online and in physical stores for their efficiency.

Up-selling is a sales technique where the seller encourages the customer to spend more money by purchasing an upgraded or premium version of what was originally being purchased. Up-selling can also include buying something in addition to what the customer is already purchasing.

Let’s look at the example of women’s handbags.

A customer visits the product page of a canvas handbag, and in a side section of your site, you could show alternative leather models. The type of product is the same (i.e., shopping bag) is the same but the leather version is more expensive and sells better.

Cross-selling is a sales technique that involves offering different categories of products at the same time. In the case of selling the customer a bag, selling a matching wallet is cross-selling.

In e-commerce, this task is added to the section of related products. This is the ideal place to suggest combinations of items as the customer is already in the market for similar related products.

Amazon uses a similar method. When browsing a product, underneath it says “Often bought together” and adds other related products.

While cross-selling is a great sales technique and certainly has its benefits, it’s not a good idea to use this as your primary sales tactic. You shouldn’t push unnecessary items on your customers when they’ve come to your site for a specific product.

There are countless examples across the internet of companies exploiting cross-selling by featuring a product and then cross-selling it with totally unrelated items underneath.

This is a poor marketing technique that reflects badly on your business and makes you seem desperate for sales.

2. Offering too many products

In actual fact, having a very wide range of products is not an advantage. There are many reasons for this, but let’s start with the organizational reasons.

The more items you sell, the more complex it becomes to manage categories and types. Are users able to easily navigate and find what they need? First of all, bear in mind that the average attention span of an adult is just 8 seconds.

Seeing so many products can become frustrating for customers, who either can't find what they’re looking for, or have too many choices presented to them.

With too many products on offer, it is difficult to work in a niche market. Sure, you can have access to many niches, but are you able to handle specific communication for each segment?

In addition, it is difficult for an industry audience to appreciate a generalised e-commerce platform. Rather, they tend to use specialized online stores with which they identify more.

3. Having poor quality product pages

It may seem obvious, but it continues to be a serious problem for a lot of e-commerce businesses.

Product pages are the showcase of the items you are selling, so you have to take care of them in a specific way.

·         Images

Make sure your objects are highlighted in photos and you can view them from different angles. Check that the zoom feature is working well and that all variations have dedicated images.

·         Description

The product description is very important. If possible, create both a text description and a datasheet, so you don't miss out on useful details and allow users to find the information they need.

Don't forget the supplier sheets, define your own unique style and apply it to all the products in your online store! Also, don't forget to open a section for reviews and insert spaces for related or alternative products, including their images.

Well, we've looked at 3 mistakes to avoid if you want to improve your online sales. It's time to put what you've learned into practice!

Benefits of Hiring an Agency

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