Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations to Expect in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations to Expect in 2020

The power of technology cannot be overlooked. It connects people from across the globe and facilitates business processes like never before. We live in an era where digital marketing technology moves at an incredibly fast pace, and where consumer interests and behaviors can be difficult to predict.


If your business wants to survive and thrive in this innovative age, you need to be aware of these digital marketing trends in 2020:


1.     Artificial Intelligence


An Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave is expected to hit the business world in 2020. From healthcare to fashion, AI is being used to gather facts about a situation and analyse data in order to improve future user experiences.


AI has the power to manage real-time customer interactions, improve retention and loyalty with insights and target new audiences for acquisition. It can also scale and automate almost everything you’re doing while personalising content at the right time for every individual.  By using AI in marketing, you can improve personalisation, efficiently scale content creation and improve ROI.


2.     Hyper-targeted Advertising


Hyper-targeted advertising refers to the ads which are presented to users while browsing websites, social media and other marketing mediums, including email marketing. These ads are highly targeted based on the individual’s specific interests. This isn’t simply a case of targeting movie lovers with movies, but in determining their favorite genre and sending ads based on that genre.


This trend is set to escalate in 2020 and we can expect to see companies using hyper-targeted advertising more and more to reach new audiences from lists of high integrity, double opt-in subscribers. The days of flooding random email lists are long gone, as these messages almost always end up in the junk email folder (and as such are a complete waste of marketers’ time).


3.     Chatbots


Chatbots will continue to play a key role in digital marketing in 2020. In recent years, Chatbots have become increasingly human-like. 63% of consumers prefer to use chatbots thanks to their 24-hour accessibility, instant response to inquiries and ability to answer simple questions.


4.     Personalisation


For 2020, personalisation is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign, but not enough companies are taking advantage of it.


Its biggest benefit is having the ability to reach a specific group of customers. By collecting user data from list segments or surveys, you are in a better position to create the most relevant, effective email campaigns towards targeted audiences based on the buying habits, behaviours and interests.


Amazon is doing an incredible job of using personalisation to tailor their content, increase conversions and improve customer retention. Using their machine learning service, Amazon Personalize, developers create high-quality individualised recommendations for customers at every touchpoint along the user journey. They also offer personalised search and personalised notifications, which are features that keep users browsing – and shopping – for longer.


5.     Use of Social Messaging Apps


Throughout 2020, many companies will start to shift their focus on how to better utilise social media messaging apps. Some of the most popular include WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat. You can use these private apps and private messaging groups to engage your customers, advertise and promote your products or services and better position your brand.




What are your predictions for digital marketing in 2020? There are so many incredible marketing software systems out there designed to streamline your online activities and enhance customer relationships.


Are you ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing trends? Looking to improve your digital marketing strategy? Contact the EWM. team today to discuss how we can elevate your brand.

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