Creating a Website for an Artist

Creating a Website for an Artist

From layout and design to the information you need to include, every artist website needs these core elements in order to stand out and succeed.

At EWM., a leading web design agency in Geneva, we have a passion for developing sites for artists. We also organise online communication for the art sector, which is something we are incredibly passionate about.

We always enjoy working with authors, galleries and publishers.

Before developing a website or a social communication strategy for the art world, each person in our team cultivates, in their own way, a passion for artistic projects that makes us more sensitive to the performance of this type of work. The management of work, in short, becomes a pleasure that is never routine but a continuous discovery.

When you need to choose a web agency for the creation or referencing of a site, ask them if they have experienced these cultural and technological transformations, addressing them directly in everyday life. This will ensure they are able to offer real solutions to your customers.

Websites for Artists

The website of an artist is incredibly important.

Your website is your digital business card that lets you introduce yourself to the public and talk about yourself and your work in a much deeper way than on social media.

It's a place that is all your own, that you manage, where you can communicate, promote yourself and even sell your work directly.

Anyone interested in your work (whether a collector, gallery owner, critic or fan) will certainly come to your site looking for in-depth information about you and your work.

For this reason, it’s important that you make a positive impression by presenting yourself to the world with a well maintained and efficient website.

Whether you are an art student or an internationally-acclaimed artist, the key to your success in the art world is to create an impressive artist website that really packs a punch.

When people visit, they’ll get the chance to virtually visit your studio and learn all about you at the same time.

By developing a powerful, professional and engaging website, this will allow you to continue to create your artwork – and hopefully attract and maintain more attention.

Working with an Agency

Most artists would rather spend their time creating art that creating a website.

For this reason, many artists opt for the support of a web design agency for a truly professional site fully equipped with front and back-end efficiencies.

By working with a professional agency, you’ll benefit from a clean and enticing website that’s aesthetically appealing and makes users want to keep on browsing.

You’ll also benefit from a high-quality design, superb UI/UX, and much more.

Your work needs to be presented well online, which a professional web design agency can achieve with ease.

They will ensure your business and its detail are presented in an organised and accurate way. This will allow you to reach out to as wide an audience as possible. 

Working With EWM.

By adopting the assistance of an agency, such as EWM., Switzerland’s leading web design agency in Geneva, you’ll benefit from a customized (and fully optimized) web design, experience and creativity, and access to a wide range of resources.

When at EWM. we talk about a well-made website, we don't mean a website packed with “special effects” or complex animations (etc.). Rather, we are talking about a functional and efficient website capable of communicating immediately who you are, what you do and what your message is.

We make it easy for customers to browse your site, not just from a PC or laptop but also from a mobile phone, tablet or anything else that connects people to the internet.

Not only do we create mobile-friendly and fast-loading websites, but we also offer superior SEO compliance and support.

Our websites are completely scalable, meaning that if you want to expand over time, we offer all the features to help you achieve your goals in the global market.

EWM, a professional web design agency in Geneva, offers you proven expertise in the creation of websites for artists in Switzerland and in Europe.

We possess a huge portfolio of successful clients, taking a strategic, agile approach that’s also fully customized.

We help to identify emerging design trends while adding relevant functionality accordingly.

For more information, contact our team today to discuss your unique web design needs.



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