7 Reasons to Choose PrestaShop

7 Reasons to Choose PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an amazing programming platform offering state-of-the-art e-commerce software to help businesses run their e-commerce stores. Launched in 2007, this international shopping cart solution is used by thousands of businesses from across the globe, and is an incredibly popular choice amongst merchants.

Through open-source, innovative solutions, PrestaShop equips your business with all the tools and resources it needs to be a success.

There are countless reasons why e-commerce businesses of all types and sizes choose PrestaShop.

These include:

1.       Ease of Use

PrestaShop is a popular choice due to the fact that it is easy to use and install. Even if you have minimum technical skills, you can still set up this platform with ease. Simply download the add-ons and install them; it’s as simple as that.

If you want to take things further then you’ll need to delve into the source code. This will enable you to create a unique, exquisite store for your online business.

That being said, some users have argued that it can be difficult to use if you don’t know how to resolve technical issues on your own. But if you have a team of web developers and designers on hand, then you shouldn’t experience any issues.

2.       Competitive Pricing

PrestaShop is free to use and download, but there are add-ons that you will need to pay for, such as web hosting and additional modules.

While PrestaShop does not offer a free trial, there is a demo version that you can try out to get a feel for how the software would work on a day-to-day basis. This will also get a feel for the admin and storefront on many devices. There are also plenty of high-quality add-ons available free of charge, which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

3.       A Flexible, Versatile Platform

PrestaShop gives you full creative control over your e-commerce website. There are many out-of-the-box themes to choose from to ensure you create something truly unique, while it’s also easy to make changes to update your current design. Whether you want to create an e-commerce website for PC, laptop, mobile or tablet, you can do so with ease.

Once your site is up-and-running, daily operations are pretty straightforward. You can list product descriptions, categories, quantities and SEO features all at the same time. You can also add products to your store, add orders, edit orders, apply discounts and much more.

4.       Demographic Support

Another benefit of PrestaShop is that it supports countless currencies and over 65 languages. No matter which country you are based in, you will be able to run your store smoothly and efficiently. Currently, PrestaShop -based stores are operating effectively from Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, the UK and the USA. And while complete support is only available in English and French, the website is capable of translating countless languages.

5.       Excellent Marketing Capabilities

PrestaShop features a Marketing module where you can promote products and improve user-experience. With so many millions of people using social media platforms to make their buying decisions, PrestaShop will help you to integrate your website with these platforms, which will increase your reach, improve customer retention and benefit your online store significantly.

6.       Runs Quickly and Easily  

If you run a smaller business, PrestaShop is great in that it can run quickly and easily on smaller servers, and does not require expensive servers to run.

7.       Professional Features

There are 600+ built-in features to choose from, all of which come with the basics you need to get started. General features include unlimited listings, bulk import/export and inventory features.

Checkout features include gift packaging, payment options, tax configurations (based on locations) and the ability to sell internationally. Finally, there are also customer relationship management (CRM) features, including abandoned cart notifications, customised promotions and automated emails.

Is Prestashop the ideal choice for your business?  

With so many e-commerce platforms to choose from, it’s important that you make the right decision based on your individual level of experience, the specific type of business you operate and the expertise of your team.

This open-source software is highly customisable, offers a vast feature-set and an ever-growing choice of add-ons.

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