Why Use the PHP Framework Symfony?

Why Use the PHP Framework Symfony?

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework considered one of the most popular application frameworks amongst open source developers.

And while it features in-depth resources and cutting-edge configuration, it is still considered one of the simplest and most effective PHP frameworks out there.

Software development is a serious and complicated process that involves countless critical tasks. As such, it’s vital to have an exceptional PHP framework to support you throughout – and beyond – the process.

Symfony is renowned for its ability to minimise chances of error, increase productivity and provide readily available software components.

Other benefits of Symfony include:

Time-saving capabilities

Symfony speeds up time-to-market by saving a significant amount of time on the development process. It has many in-built features, all of which accelerate the app development process.

The framework also consumes less memory, optimises performance and allows users to create powerful, high-performing applications.


Whether you are brand new to development or have many years of experience, Syfomy remains popular across the board. It offers you full control over configuration and other important development features, while it is also compatible with other database systems.

From the simplest applications to the most complex, Symfony ticks all the right boxes. It is incredibly flexible while additional functionalities can also be added with ease, ensuring the specific needs of the users are met.

Ease of Use

While Symfony is flexible, it is also very easy to use.

Beginners who are relatively new to the development community benefit from embedded best practices designed to facilitate the process and help beginners learn quickly. There is also in-depth documentation which is easy to access and filled with useful information, even if you are an experienced developer. Everything is clearly explained with easy-to-understand examples.

Developers can create web applications with ease, and the platform comes with a wide range of command tools designed to help during the project management phase.

Extensive Community Support

Symfony also has a wonderful community support of 45 partners (supported by SensioLabs), where users can access information on the latest tools and methods of web development.

This vibrant community of web developers possesses more than 13 years of experience, giving users access to long-term maintenance and scalability. This means that when you sign up to Symfony, you’re guaranteed longevity, thorough testing, regular updates and enhanced application performance.

Full Customisability

Symfony offers outstanding customisation features, including:

Full stack: Ideal if you want to create a complex product featuring multiple functionalities

Brick by brick: Involves using specific features based on your unique requirements – but not the entire framework – to develop a customised application with limited selective functions.

Micro framework: Take advantage of specific features to develop a particular functionality made up of bricks which can be used separately.

Whether you are a developer or business, these functionalities will enable you to make your application as responsive and user-oriented as you please. Finally, you can also take advantage of advanced OOPS service architecture in order to increase the size of projects.

Easy Testing

Thanks to its PHP Unit Independent Library, unit testing has never been easier. This stimulates HTTP requests, confirming the output without any script using testing tools. Functional testing is also automated, which saves developers a great deal of time and effort. Finally, there are some outstanding tools for functional, behavioural and unit testing.

Ultimate Convenience

This high-end development framework brings comfort and convenience to developers. Product development is seamless and very customer-centric, while there are also tools for solving coding errors and security issues.

Extremely Popular amongst Big Brands

Some of the biggest brands out there use Symfony to create their websites, projects and solutions. These include Spotify, National Geographic Travel, Trivago and Swiss Open Government Data.

Thanks to customisable content editing capabilities, easy integration of various information, advanced SEO tools, easy access to information and the ability to support millions of requests simultaneously, countless international brands choose Symfony.

All of the above benefits demonstrate that Symfony provides a productive, quick and bug-free development process. Some developers argue that this is one of the best frameworks out there for application development, and it is clear to see why. Whether you want to carry out a small or large-scale project, you will be able to do so in a simple and straightforward way with Symfony.

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