What is Interactive Content, and What are its Uses?

What is Interactive Content, and What are its Uses?

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is content that asks the audience to interact with or engage with the content. It is more of a conversation between you and your audience, where both sides must participate.

What makes interactive content so powerful?

Interactive content draws and engages users. 81% of marketers agree that Interactive content attracts users' attention more effectively than static content.

Interactivity keeps audiences engaged for more extended periods. It can even be personalized in real-time. In addition, interactive content encourages interaction because of its dynamic nature. This improves user engagement.

A great way to generate leads

Interactive content generates more leads than static content. Interactive experiences, such as quizzes and calculators, offer real value for the user. Users are more likely to share their contact information if they receive something in return.

Mortgage calculators allow users to calculate monthly mortgage payments. In addition, this calculator can be used by financial service companies to generate leads.

Useful in lead nurturing and customer acquisition

Lead nurturing is the process of building and maintaining relationships with buyers at all stages of the sales funnel. This requires personalized marketing and communication to meet the specific needs of each prospect. This will increase brand awareness, build trust and maintain a steady relationship until buyers convert to paying customers.

Your interactive content can be customised according to your client's needs. This will allow you to nurture leads effectively. You can also use data from interactive experiences to personalize your communications with prospects.

Useful in lead scoring and segmentation

An interactive content builder like Outgrow has high analytical and lead segmenting capabilities. You can segment leads based on demographics, location, customer behaviour, etc. Segmented emails have 14.32% more open rates.

SEO with interactive content

Experts are beginning to recognize that traditional methods of SEO are rapidly changing. It is becoming more difficult to rank in SERPs with each new update of the algorithm Google rolls out. To make matters worse, Google is constantly changing user behaviour.

What should your future strategy be?

You must use interactive content for SEO. Try using interactive quizzes, videos, infographics, etc. – anything that fits your brand. You can share them on social media or send paid ads.

This will increase your brand visibility and bring you more traffic. It will also help with SEO.
Interactive content can also be used on landing pages and websites to increase time-on-page KPIs and reduce bounce rates. It is also highly shareable, so that you might generate more backlinks. All of these factors will contribute to your SEO improvement.

How can I use interactive material?

Interactive content is flexible enough to be used in many ways to generate traffic and leads. These are the best ways to use interactive content.

Interactive ads

Interactive ads encourage users to interact with the advertisements. As a result, interactive ads have a higher engagement rate than passive ads.

Because static ads cannot be scrolled, liked, or commented on, engagement rates are much higher than in passive ads.

Interactive posts for social media

Social media has seen a surge in content over the past few years. However, we've also seen a decrease in organic reach on social media platforms in recent years.

Engaging your audience in your posts is the best way to increase organic reach. The more engagement you get, the greater the reach. Brands are moving to interactive content to engage and attract more people than static posts.

Interactive landing pages

An interactive landing page guides users through an interactive journey to achieve their desired outcome.

The landing page allows the user to interact directly with it. However, the user can only read and click on links in static landing pages.

Why use Interactive landing pages? 

Increases page time

Interactive landing pages have the greatest benefit of improving the page's time-on-page KPI. These landing pages are engaging and encourage users to stay longer on the page. As a result, brands are more visible and well-known. Additionally, higher time-on-page numbers translate into better SEO. 

- More user data:

As we have discussed, interactive content provides more data than you can use to segment, personalize communication, etc. 

Interactive Emails

Interactive emails contain interactive content such as quizzes and assessments. In addition, an email can have embedded content. Interactive emails can be used to reap all the benefits associated with interactive content.

Are you capitalising on interactive content?

Interactive content is changing how internet users interact with online marketing. We hope that after reading this post, you will be inspired to adopt interactive content strategies to gain more attention to your business/brand online.



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