Magento for Website Development: Why Choose EWM?

Magento for Website Development: Why Choose EWM?

Magento powers 26% of all e-commerce sites. Nearly 120,000 merchants use Magento for their e-commerce storefront, which also includes some of the best brands in fashion, sports and electronics.

Today, Magento is one of the most popular choices when it comes to developing contemporary and robust shopping cart websites.

Magento is a versatile e-commerce solution which allows online retailers to efficiently build the most advanced online stores with great usability and neat design.

At EWM Geneva, a leading mobile web and website development agency in Switzerland, we offer complete e-commerce solutions thanks to Magento. And no matter whether you choose to create a B2C shopping cart or a B2B online store website, we have experienced developers who can create and design all kinds of virtual stores at an extremely high level of professionalism and usability.

Since our renowned web development agency is one of the most reputable names in the industry, we make sure to provide a successful online business solution.

Whatever your needs, our developers are always ready to offer you the right service, from the development and launch of your Magento e-commerce site, right through to maintenance and beyond.

In fact, our experienced Magento developers are involved in e-commerce website services like Magento website design, custom themes, navigation, checkout and other customization services. We are highly experience in all areas of e-commerce web development, and can meet your specific needs to assist you with any module expansion or system integration.

Why choose EWM web agency in Geneva? 

Expertise and profitability are the most genuine factors that matter the most and we have them all:

Industry Best Practices:  

We always follow industry best practices in building Magento e-commerce stores. We take care of requests and consider every project important, therefore we are always committed to making it easy for you with the best interfaces that match the theme of your store.

Complete Solution:  

Our team of Magento developers is highly experienced and created many custom solutions. In addition, we are able to create your website step by step according to your specifications. We create new Magento-based websites, and if needed, we can also optimize current Magento-based storefronts.

Custom Add-Ons:

The flexibility of this e-commerce platform is improving day by day and our developers create and implement custom add-ons as per project needs.

API integrations, extensions, or even layered navigation are just a few things additions available, however our developers provide the best custom add-ons through the Magento e-commerce platform.

We have core expertise for Magento development services. We are confident that we could be your ideal and reliable Magento website development partner.

Why Magento?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Magento as your e-commerce platform of choice:

Versatile Content Management

Magento CMS (Content Management System) is extremely powerful, enabling you to create new content and incorporate existing content that appeals to current and potential customers.

On the back end, it features an intuitive, visual-based page editor, where you can build and customise your offerings based on your unique specifications. If you’re looking to create rich, high-quality content for your store, you can do this with ease at the click of a button.

Mobile Friendly Design

Magento is the ideal mobile soluton for many merchants and businesses. It is equipped with many responsive design features, including shopping carts and checkouts designed to work on any screen size and in any environment.


Want to integrate third-party tools? Seeking more robust functionality of your e-commerce store? Then choose Magento. You also benefit from many custom options, thus allowing your unique brand and personality to shine through on your website.

Enhanced Security

Magento features a security scan tool that uses more than 30 security tests to provide insight into the real-time status of your Magento store. Through this feature, you can regularly scan and monitor your site for potential vulnerabilities, and act upon them quickly.

Advanced SEO Suite

With Magento, it’s quick, easy and simple to manage your SEO settings, whether for categories, individual pages, or layered navigation. The platform was created with SEO efficiency, equipping your products with a greater chance of ranking well on search engines.

Seamless Third Party Integrations

With Magento, you can connect your e-commerce experience with third party platforms such as eBay, PayPal, Google Shopping, Mail Chimp, QuickBooks and more. 

Robust Marketing Capabilities

Magento is home to a full host of powerful marketing capabilities, including free publications, webinars, strategies and videos. Via the suite, users can access all the information they need about developing a marketing strategy that generates notable results.

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