The Importance of Creativity in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Creativity in Digital Marketing

When it comes to creativity in digital marketing, most people think of design. But creativity isn’t exclusive to design; it is reflected in design as a result of creative thinking.

Creative thinking is incredibly powerful in the world of business and marketing. It has long been essential to the success of any marketing strategy – not just digital but offline too.

The benefits of creativity are abundant.

Creativity equips you with the ability to solve problems in a fresh and unique way, and embrace change where others are afraid to do so. It enables you to stand out, and remain competitive in a highly competitive environment. As a result of all of this, you will consequently develop a consistent brand image that increases audience engagement and differentiates your brand from the crowd.

Adopting a creative mindset also enables you to believe that anything is possible, even while others might believe they have reached a dead end in terms of finding a solution to a problem. 

Thinking outside the box shows you new perspectives, and removes any mental limitations present in your mind. Without creativity, you risk overlooking essential elements that could hinder your success.

If you don’t consider yourself a creative individual, fear not. We are all born with the ability to be creative: it is an inherent part of the brain. However, while some of us are more inclined to thinking creatively, others need a push to stimulate that part of their brains. What’s more, while some of us use the creative parts of our brains on a regular basis, others need encouragement to cultivate that part of their minds.

Here’s how creativity can accelerate the success of your business:

· It helps you to see new opportunities in the market

· It helps you come up with inventive solutions to a problem

· It helps you to remain afloat of the latest innovations

· It helps your digital marketing campaign stand out

· It keeps your brand relevant to you clients

· It enables you to see things from your clients’ perspective

· It enables you to continuously refresh and invigorate your business

· It enhances your leadership skills

· It encourages flexibility and adaptability 

Tips to enhance your creativity

· Change your environment

Diversity acts as a stimulus for creativity. By changing up your environment, your brain will thrive on the variety of experiences, and will be better able to turn those experiences into creative ideas.

These can be small changes, such as brushing your teeth with the other hand (still challenging!) or they could be bigger changes, like spending time with a different group of people, or travelling to a place you’ve never been to before.

· Keep a pen and paper to hand

While making notes on your phone is practical, there’s nothing quite like jotting ideas down on a physical pen and paper. It eliminates distractions (phone notifications can seriously hinder the creative process). You can then return to those ideas at a later time, and expand upon them or brainstorm further.

· Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

One issue with challenging people to be creative is that all too often, people are afraid to make mistakes. This results in them holding back on expressing their ideas. However, no idea is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ What’s more, any idea can be analyzed when shared with a group, thus enabling it to expand into something more tangible as more and more people contribute to the discussion.

· Be open to discussion

As mentioned above, you need to be willing to contribute your ideas, no matter how seemingly ‘bad’ they are. The important thing is to encourage open and constructive discussion about those ideas.

· Gain inspiration

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE, so don’t be afraid to look as far and wise as necessary to get ideas. By all means you should never steal ideas, but you should look around for inspiration. That way, you can always add your own spin on something that already exists.

The importance of creativity in digital marketing

As consumers become increasingly sophisticated, it’s vital that you adopt a creative approach to marketing in order to yield positive results.

Today, users flit from one device and channel to another with the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. As such, it’s up to marketers to provide a compelling and exciting user-experience.

Today’s users are also inundated with information. This means that they can either switch to something more interesting or stay put, and your role as a marketer is to keep their attention for longer with your captivating content.

Creativity plays a fundamental role in captivating an audiences’ interest, and will play an even bigger role as technology continues to evolve.

To capture your audience’s attention, you first need to understand your customers’ personalities, attitudes, lifestyle and motives. From here, you then need to use your creativity to create highly personalized and relevant ads.

Don’t be afraid to rise to the challenge, and really think outside the box. Step out of your comfort zone to get as creative as possible, and remember, don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is an important stepping stone that enables you to constantly learn and work on yourself. In the words of Albert Einstein: ‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.’

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