How Google’s Travel Insights Supports Hospitality Businesses

How Google’s Travel Insights Supports Hospitality Businesses

The outbreak of covid undoubtedly impacted the tourism sector. While circumstances remain tricky, there are plenty of ways for hospitality businesses to win back custom and succeed.

Earlier this year, Google launched a set of services dedicated to the tourism sector, and in particular, to hospitality establishments and sectors.

This is known as ‘Travel Insights with Google’, a platform that allows travel businesses, government and tourism boards to understand how demand has evolved, and how to intercept it based on user searches.

Travel Insights with Google offers actionable insights and tools designed to help hospitality businesses reach global travellers at every stage of their journey.

The three tools that make up Travel Insights are:

· Destination Insights

With Destination Insights, you can explore your tourism demand is shifting, and how 2021 companies to 2020 (and so on).

Destination Insights gives you access to the latest travel trends, including the most popular countries and cities. It details the main sources of demand for a given destination, and the specific destinations of greatest interest in a country.

Destination Insights is advantageous to hospitality businesses as it enables them to make more informed decisions, and tailor their marketing accordingly.

· Hotel Insights

Collects Google hotel search data to help hotels understand how to target their marketing in the take-back process.

With Hotel Insights, you’ll learn where interest for your hotel and region is currently highest. You’ll also be able to determine the latest booking trends, whilst learning about the digital tools you can use to attract new guests and grow your business. 

· Travel Analytics Centre

The Travel Analytics Centre is dedicated to Google's business partners. This tool allows you to combine data from your Google account with information on Google's request.

Using a user-friendly web portal, you’ll gain access to useful performance and demand metrics. As a partner, you benefit from safe access to service analytics that help to improve operations and empower strategic decision making.

Dive deeper into travel demand trends and view your account performance across Google’s travel search experiences. Using this tool, you’ll be better able to make sound business and marketing decisions and ultimately improve the performance of your operations.

The Travel Analytics Centre gives you access to:

· Current and future travel demand insights and trends

· Campaign and marketing performance insights

With the Hotel Insights tool, you can support your hotel and prepare for busier seasons. This tool allows you to discover what potential future travellers are looking for, how to reach them, and how to increase bookings and therefore your hotel's online visibility.

Since Google began piloting these tools, they’ve assisted tourism boards with answering critical questions and making important decision. Data provided enables businesses and organisations to respond intelligently and proactively on behalf of communities.

Hotel Marketing with EWM

Why turn to EWM Geneva if the Google Hotel Insights tool is free?

Google has created this set of free tools to support one of the categories and one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic – hotel establishments and the tourism sector in general.

The tool certainly offers a way to stand out in a sea of competition, however, to really differentiate yourself, you need a strategic approach that integrates digital marketing and communication. Your hotel needs an empowering website with an integrated reservation system.

It also needs a compelling brand strategy, professional management of your social profiles, contact management through RMC for inbound marketing actions, and much more.

Thanks to our flexibility, EWM’s services are always tailor-made and designed to meet the intricacies of each client’s requirements.

We understand how important it is to develop a brand message that resonates with your target audience and enables your business to boom.

At EWM, our mission is to support hospitality businesses of all types and sizes, enabling them to thrive and prosper, even in the most challenging circumstances. 

We are highly aware of the value that tourism creates for local communities, and strive to see this industry flourish in 2022 and beyond.

Prepare for a new start by differentiating yourself from the competition with a unique and distinctive offer of customer value.
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