EWM. Creates Impressive Web Design for Ena Iro

EWM. Creates Impressive Web Design for Ena Iro

EWM. has created an impressive web design for high-end jewellery designer, EnaIro.

Featuring beautiful sketches, samples of her collection and high-resolution images, the website is simple in nature yet highly impactful.

With its easy navigation and simple layout, this web design effortlessly encapsulates the Ena Iro collection.

Thanks to plenty of whitespace, the eye is drawn to the most significant information – namely, the stunning collection available from Ena Iro. This is because there is a clear juxtaposition between the white space that features heavily on the site with the beautiful sketches and easy-to-read content.

The Ena Iro collections are easy to access and view, while presentation of each page is highly representative of the quality of this brand.

Though the website is simple in nature, this has a very powerful impact on the user, demonstrating how refined and cultivated the Ena Iro collections are.

This exquisite web design offers a meaningful and interactive navigation experience that is representative of the Ena Iro brand and identity. It features a thought-provoking design that keeps viewers captivated as they explore the site at their own pace.

Throughout the site, there is an emphasis on aesthetics. Every page is consistent in appearance, as all elements correlate with one another.

There is a natural feel to the website and an intuitive process, where every button, link and feature on the site makes sense. Thanks to strategic placement of content and images, users can easily find what they are looking for.

Behind the scenes, the Ena Iro website features front and back-end development, for a fluid user interface and User Experience (UX).

Designers at EWM. honed in on the visual aspects of the site whilst conducting multiple user testing to ensure the site worked well across all devices.

They also used advanced back-end programming language and impeccable code to ensure to ensure the site remains responsive and quick to load.

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