Choosing a Web Design Agency

Choosing a Web Design Agency

The need for web marketing professionals who can stand out in certain specific contexts is growing exponentially year on year.

There are already many, as well as many web agencies out there, all in need of experienced professionals.

Whether you are a new graduate looking for your first job or trying to carve out a new career for yourself at 40, disappointed with previous experiences, the world of the web offers many possibilities and can offer you a brilliant career in different fields, including technical and less technical.

Some of the many roles of web marketing include:

· User interface designer

· Cutting-edge developer

· Background developer

· Mobile/application developer

· SEO specialist

· SEM specialist

· Social media manager

· Web analyst

Today, to be the best web agency, you have to offer exceptional digital marketing services.

Web agencies can specialise in a number of services including web design, content creation, graphic design and much more.

Web design agencies feature a number of professional figures who specialise in certain areas of web marketing.

However, in order to stand out from an increasingly saturated marketplace and outperform the competition, a web agency must also be an expert in marketing.

What are the main roles of web marketing?

We are now used to some professional figures on the web: we all know more or less what a copywriter or web designer does, but do you know the specific responsibilities of the roles outlined below?

· User interface designer

· Upstream developer

· Back-end developer

· Mobile/App Developer

· SEO specialist (search engine positioning expert)

· SEM Specialist (AdWords Certified Online Advertising Expert)

· SMM (social media manager)

· Web Analyst/Google Analytics Specialist

Below we outline in detail the roles of the professional figures that work in web marketing and contribute to a strong and competitive digital agency:

User Interface Designer

A User Interface Designer (UI) is the expert in visual and interactive web design.

He or she deals with the study of colours and the architecture of websites, as well as the effectiveness of the messages they are supposed to convey.

The objective of the role is to design an easily navigable, intuitive and coherent site. In practice, he or she must translate the marketing strategy into graphics.

Cutting-Edge Developer

A developer usually supports the UI designer, and in some cases the two professions are merged into one.

Front-end developer are true website developers because they take care of the parts that are visible to users and literally create the web pages.

Front-end developers generally use three programming languages: HTML to create the structures of the different content, CSS to define the style of the pages (colours, fonts, background images, etc.) and JavaScript in case content needs to be created.

Today, expert front-end developers require a number of essential tools and frameworks, including jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap.

Back-End Developer

Back-end developers take care of the functioning of a website, and their interventions do not concern the graphical interface.

Back-end developers usually take care of hosting, servers, backups and other technical aspects.

The code used by the end developer typically includes four languages: PHP, .NET, Python, and Ruby. In addition, a good developer should have a good knowledge of the main databases used in the web environment, such as mysql, mongodb, windows sql server, mariadb.

Mobile/Application Developer

This is certainly one of the most sought after numbers in the ICT market, as more and more users are using smartphones, and apps are what we generally prefer to use when approaching products and/or services.

Globally, around 3.8 billion people use smartphones (or 48.3% of the world’s population). What’s more, hundreds of applications are launched on the market daily.

This is certainly a growing market, and many businesses need to study and build apps that are right for their audience.

Mobile developers can develop in major native SDKs (Android Studio and Swift for Apple) or face development through cross-platform development frameworks, such as ionic or appcelerator.

SEO Specialist

SEO (search engine optimization) concerns a series of techniques and strategies aimed at indexing sites on search engines in order to improve the volume of inbound traffic in a natural way.

This is precisely what a SEO specialist does. It is a very complex job, because it requires not only knowledge of the "rules" for writing content suitable for the web, but also meticulous work of entering specific metadata to help search engines read the site better.

SEM Specialist

Unlike SEO, which deals with natural search traffic, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to paid visibility in search engines thanks to Pay Per Click.

Do you know which ads Google is showing at the top of the results? Well, that's SEM, and the SEM expert is the one who can run an AdWords campaign.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the professional who takes care of projects on social networks.

Social media managers must define the right social media strategy to understand which channels are best for customers, according to the objectives and the target they are addressing.

The goal of a social media manager isn’t necessarily to generate profits. On the contrary, their mission is to achieve goals that change depending on the needs of the client.

Social media management can involve managing paid campaigns and analysing the analytics of the main social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as the more recent platforms, such as Snapchat and TikTok).

Web Analyst

Web analysts are indispensable figures who are responsible for improving the performance of companies’ web channels by analysing data relating to user behaviour.

Web analysts must plan, develop and manage web/mobile campaigns and communicate with marketing departments about campaign analyses.

Thanks to in-depth reports, it’s possible for web analysts to understand the strengths and weaknesses of campaigns, which can be tweaked accordingly.

Web analysts are obviously experts in Google Analytics, but can also use other analysis tools if necessary.

Closing thoughts

More and more companies are realising that if they want to communicate well, they cannot do without the web.

But they also know how important it is to combine a good marketing strategy with a website, which otherwise is an unnecessary waste of money.

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