Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Business

Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business brings innovation in the relationship between business and consumer, emphasising the value of rapid communication via messaging.

Launched in mid-January 2018, WhatsApp was initially only available on Android and its use was limited to certain countries. Now that it is available in Switzerland and also on iPhone, we want to give you all the information you need to use your account to its fullest potential.

Here we provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to create and get the most out of your WhatsApp Business account, the new messaging app for businesses.

What are the differences between WhatsApp Business & its traditional version?

1.       WhatsApp Business is designed for businesses only

2.       The icon of this version has a B

3.       The description of your account contains information about your business

4.       You can use the application with your company's landline number

5.       You can create quick replies by default to send to customers

6.       You have a profile of your activity with statistics to monitor your interactions.

As for the similarities between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger, we find:

·         The Business version, like the Messenger version, is available on PC, Mac and tablets.

·         Both applications are free

·         Both applications are equipped with instant messaging

·         You can share images and videos

·         The graphic frame is identical

·         Both applications are simple and intuitive

·         You can set colourful backgrounds and choose your profile photo

·         Instant messages may contain external hyperlinks

How to create your WhatsApp business account

If you decide to download WhatsApp Business, it is important that you know the following:

·         If you already have a WhatsApp Messenger account, you can transfer your chat history to your new Business account.

·         If you decide to stop using your Business account, your chat history cannot be transferred.

·         If you want to use both applications on the same device, remember that you cannot connect them to the same phone number. You cannot have a single number in both applications; you will need a different number for each account.

Once you have clarified these fundamental points, let's go to download WhatsApp Business!

How to download the app

Downloading WhatsApp Business is very simple and above all free.

Once you have downloaded the application, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions.

After reading the content, click “Accept and Continue.” You will then be asked which telephone number you wish to set up. At this point, simply enter the number of your choice, verify it and click “Next.”


1.       Enter the name of your activity. Do not rush, take your time to choose the appropriate name, once saved, it can no longer be changed.

2.       Choose your profile photo or upload your business logo.

3.       Select the "Activity Category": in short, you must indicate the type of business industry you are active with, you can choose from many different areas.

4.       Enter your company's contacts, address, description of your activities, e-mail address, website and your company's opening hours.

5.       Try to obtain a verified commercial account (i.e., an official verification by WhatsApp.)

How to verify your WhatsApp Business Account

As mentioned above, you can get an official WhatsApp verification for your business. But what exactly changes and why do many users want to have a verified profile?

There are two types of accounts within WhatsApp Business:

1)      Verified official accounts

In this case, these are companies approved by the WhatsApp team of experts. Official profiles are recognizable because they wear a green badge with a white checkmark. The names of these profiles will be visible even if they are not saved in your address book.

NB: It is not possible to request official account status, even against payment. The certification depends mainly on the reputation of the brand.

2)      Unverified accounts

These are profiles which have not yet been verified by WhatsApp. Their activity is the same as that of audited accounts. In this case, the only difference is that the client will have to be more careful than with a verified account. This, of course, does not exclude having a good, function and efficient profile.

How does WhatsApp Business work?

WhatsApp Business is used by more than 5 million businesses. It is a fantastic way to reach many more contacts and expand your network.

Using the app, contact is direct, efficient and quick. It’s easy to use and users do not have to do long research on your company, nor waste time on the internet searching for an email address or telephone number.

Aside from saving time, WhatsApp Business is also useful for improving your business performance. You can personalize your account, share useful links, create marketing campaigns, easily indicate specific web pages or display your position in real-time.

You also have the security of having all of your contacts at your fingertips, so you don't need to access an email address. These are just some of the benefits of WhatsApp Business, an application that aims to improve the quality of services and business relationships.

What is the main new feature of WhatsApp Business?

From a business standpoint, the main novelty is instant interaction with your customers. It is a tool that gives you the opportunity to communicate quickly while optimizing your time, whether you are the client or the manager of a company.

Other innovative features include:

·         Your Business Profile

In other words, all the information you want to share with your customers. Here you can insert your logo, email address, send where your business and website are physically located. This speeds up the customer search and saves the customer time.

·         Traceability and statistics to track your interactions

You can check the progress of your marketing strategies by accessing the dedicated section in the Settings menu. Among the most important information you will find the number of messages sent and delivered, the actual readings, the number of messages received and whether you have been blocked by a user.

·         Organise your contacts

You can choose to use labels to better distinguish your customers.

·         Automatic predefined messages

Your customers will know instantly that you are out of the office and will be able to check when you receive the message. Quick responses are extremely convenient, so you can send predefined messages to all of your contacts. Do you happen to receive the same question more than once in the same day? No problem, as thanks to automatic messages, you can create ready-made answers based on the most frequently asked questions. In messages, you can write welcome and support phrases or warn your customers that you are temporarily busy and will contact them as soon as possible.

·         Integration with your Facebook account

You can synchronize your Facebook Messenger account with your WhatsApp for Business account.

·         Customer Assistance

Messages and customer requests are taken into account immediately, which avoids long calls to service centres. This is also a great way to maintain an active relationship with your customers.

·         Automatic Messages

Regarding the interactions between your company and your customers, it is possible to interact in three different ways:

·         Conversation

Thanks to the “Click and Chat” button that can be placed on your website, the user contacts your company in real-time, even without having the number.

·         Real-Time Assistance

Customers are followed up in good time, with doubts and uncertainties resolved by staff using instant messaging, which supports them until the problem is resolved.

·         Information on Services

For example, the consumer can interface with the online store to find out more about the characteristics of a product or service.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Business?

There are many advantages of WhatsApp business, including:

1.       Better time management

Communicating with the customer (in real-time) is the most effective way to save time and improve feedback. When you choose to give your money to a business, the customer wants to feel valued, which is why customer service is the foundation of consumer loyalty.

2.       Facilitate your job

If you have an e-commerce business, WhatsApp Business is a great way to make your job easier, especially if you have a certified account. The platform can be an important showcase, given the number of users who can come into contact with your business every day.

3.       Keeping employees in contact with one another

Another advantage is the possibility of putting the employees of the same company in contact with one another, especially when they work from different physical locations. Working remotely is made easier, as colleagues can simply share their work with one another and create a network to exchange opinions and comments in real-time.

4.       Available directly from your PC

WhatsApp Business can be used directly from your computer, giving you a better view of what’s going on on your mobile phone while maintaining the same functionality. The desktop application is available for both Mac and PC.

5.       Multiple Integrations

You can also integrate your Facebook account and email address, offering an additional way to keep your data close at hand. Further, you can use WhatsApp Business (with your company number) and WhatsApp Messenger (with your personal number) from the same phone. Finally, you have the possibility of carrying a single device and having access to two different accounts at the same time.

WhatsApp Business API: For large companies

The WhatsApp commercial API is a version of the application with a paid update. The additional cost is justified by some more advanced features. It is important to emphasize that this type is dedicated to large companies that also wish to communicate with business partners. The WhatsApp business API offers the possibility of creating a management solution based on Messenger.

Other features include the ability to create reports that highlight corporate announcements, campaigns or promotions. With the WhatsApp Business API, you can integrate your workflow with your CRM systems, such as Salesforce, a platform used to optimize online sales processes. It is one of the most popular customer relationship management systems in the world, helping you to connect with customers, improve sales, and build a sales network.

WhatsApp Business API is used by some of the world’s biggest companies, including Booking, Melia Hotels, Singapore Airlines and Uber.

Tips for using WhatsApp for Business Correctly

WhatsApp Business is an excellent application offering an innovative way to improve your business.

Below are some of the best tips from EWM., our leading web design agency in Geneva, to optimize your account and succeed:

·         Organise your contacts with care

·         Use an appropriate and approachable tone of voice

·         Create interesting automated messages

·         Interact with your customers, using effective content that leaves an impact

·         Show that you’re up-to-date on your industry and interested in growth

·         Encourage your customers to contact you through WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is truly innovative in terms of communication in the business world. It is a superb app, so if you’ve got it, make the most of it.

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