Web & Mobile Development

Business Platforms

Integral to business value

We know that change can be uncomfortable, but when it’s done with intention, it can be an invigorating and beautiful force. For businesses seeking growth, influence and agility, EWM is the agency for you.

  1. Agile Methodology

  2. Unique UI/UX

  3. Strong & Secured Frameworks 

  4. Easily Scalable

  5. Laravel | Symfony | Drupal 8 | Drupal 9 



Where speed meets innovation and quality

Allow us to fully understand your needs, capturing the complete scope of your project and smoothing all the rough edges before launch. We create unique strategies using secured CMSs such as Drupal 8 & Drupal 9 as well as frameworks such as Laravel & Symfony.

  1. Feature-Rich Platforms

  2. Fully Customisable

  3. E-Commerce Marketing Tools

  4. Mobile-Friendly

  5. Customisable Checkout Experiences

  6. Drupal 8 | Drupal 9  | Laravel | Symfony


Mobile Apps

Pushing boundaries

Transformative solutions that engage the senses to bring experiences to life. While the results are seamless, they’re meticulously thought-out and carefully executed.

  1. Mobile Strategy & Design

  2. Product Development

  3. Cloud/API Integration

  4. Hybrid & Native Apps Development

  5. Security & Compliance



Designs imbued with passion

How can you elevate the website experience? By fusing a connection between innovation and emotion, to create a digital experience that enthrals and entices. We translate the authenticity and resonance of each brand’s values, transforming them into fascinating, flexible designs.

  1. Bespoke Web Design

  2. Bespoke Motion Design

  3. Bespoke Web Development

  4. Drupal 8-9  | Concrete 5 | Laravel | Symfony


Legacy Code Optimisation

Bringing your design & website to life

Using the latest tools and trends, we perform architectural changes designed to adapt to the latest complexities and necessities. We improve the design, ensuring advanced functionality that’s etched in your memory.

  1. Website analysis

  2. Competitor analysis

  3. Search Engine Optimisation

  4. Backend/CMS

  5. Dedicated Hosting


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