Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Don’t get lost in the noise

Achieve your business goals with our holistic approach to SEO designed to optimise, communicate and advocate. Our strategies help brands to maintain audience appeal, find new markets and expand their global reach.

  1. SEO Keywords Position Tracking

  2. SEO Online Optimisation

  3. SEO Back Links Management

  4. Web Analytics | Data & Reporting

Search Engine Advertising

Showing the way up

Our in-depth, precision-based techniques help local, regional and international clients build a strong online presence, fully reach their business objectives and achieve digital excellence. Want to see it for yourself? Allow us to show you the way up.

  1. Market Research & Competition Analysis

  2. Market Segmentation & Target Audience Definition

  3. Definition of Strategic Axes & Action Plans | KPIs

  4. Google Ads Campaign Set-up & Management

  5. Monthly Reporting & Optimisation


Social Media Management

Where creativity thrives

Our teams ask questions, experiment, refine and collaborate to foster growth. At EWM., we make a bold commitment, focusing on behaviors and cultures to determine the right course of action.

  1. Market Research & Channels Selection

  2. Audience Definition
  3. Content & Imagery Elaboration

  4. Social Media Campaigns Planning & Management

  5. Social Media Reporting & Optimisation


Courses & Trainings

Embrace challenges; accelerate change

Energising, practical, and relevant courses designed to challenge, transform and inspire. Unleash the potential within you using our human-centered approach that translates ideas into tangible strategies and offerings.

  1. SEO Best Practice

  2. Google Analytics & Data Analysis

  3. Google Ads Campaigns Management

  4. E-Reputation Management

  5. Social Media Management


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