EWM Awarded for Domaine Du Gouverneur Web Design

EWM Awarded for Domaine Du Gouverneur Web Design

EWM has received an accolade from prestigious competition body, Awwwards. The accolade was awarded to EWM for the design and development of its unique responsive web design.

Awwwards is committed to differentiating leading web designs, ensuring the highest-quality designs are recognised for their innovation. In particular, Awwwards is dedicated to showcasing websites that adopt the most unique and creative web design and development features.  

EWM is incredibly proud to be acknowledged for its hard work and dedication to excellence in all areas of web design and development. This Honors award distinguishes EWM as a pioneering firm committed to excellence.
Domaine Du Gouveneur is a picturesque resort located in Monthieux, France. EWM collaborated with the prestigious resort to develop a responsive web design that engages with the right target audience.

The new design, which was launched in February 2022, is easy to navigate through whether from a computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone, as it features superior backend technology that takes the user from one device to the next with ease. The site features a high level of technicality to ensure that users can access exactly what they need, when they need it.

In addition to being responsive, the site also focuses on enhancing the overall user experience design. With user experience design, the unique characteristics of a company’s clientele are taken into consideration to ensure a more holistic, high-quality web browsing experience that ignites a passion in each visitor.

Desktop view

Domaine du Gouverneur desktop view 1Domaine du Gouverneur desktop view 2

Mobile view

Domaine du Gouverneur mobile view 1Domaine du Gouverneur mobile view 2

EWM worked in collaboration with Domaine Du Gouveneur to ensure that the final result perfectly reflected the brand, its services and philosophy. To do this, EWM focused on specific features, such as high-quality imagery, white spacing and layout. The end result is an impeccable design that perfectly represents Domaine Du Gouveneur as an authentic, approachable and appealing brand.

EWM also focused on ensuring the site was easily visible in search engines. To do this, state-of-the-art SEO and SEM were implemented to ensure that search engines can effectively crawl the website and boost its visibility.

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