Enhancing Facebook Ad Performance Through Creative Optimisation

Enhancing Facebook Ad Performance Through Creative Optimisation

Are your Facebook ads utilising the most effective creative elements? Are you wondering how to adapt your ad content to current trends? 

Below, we guide you through the process of optimising your Facebook ad creatives to ensure improved performance.

Why Creative Matters in Facebook Advertising 

While it's common to consider creatives as just one aspect of Facebook advertising, recent insights reveal their pivotal role in driving advertising success. 

A well-rounded campaign requires multiple key elements, such as:
1.    Precise targeting to reach your ideal audience
2.    An enticing offer that resonates with potential customers
3.    Clear and compelling messaging that speaks to your target market
4.    Visually captivating creatives that capture attention on the Facebook platform

Studies carried out by Meta in November 2022 demonstrated that creative elements significantly impact Facebook ad results. 
When Facebook ads follow creative best practices, they can yield a 1.2X to 7.4X increase in short-term sales and a 1.2X to 2.7X increase in long-term sales. 

Whether you have immediate or long-term goals, optimised creatives can substantially enhance your return on investment (ROI).

These findings build upon earlier research from Nielsen and Google, which attributed 56% and 70% of sales, respectively, to a campaign's creative elements. Regardless of the specific percentage, it's clear that images and videos have a notable influence over revenue generation.

Even if your objectives are not solely focused on sales, creatives can still significantly impact your ad performance. Internal data from Meta indicates that attention-grabbing ad creatives can boost both clicks and website conversions, reducing the cost per click and cost per web conversion by approximately 20%.

What Does This Mean for Marketers? 

As audience targeting options become more limited across Meta properties, the importance of getting your ad creatives right cannot be overstated. This entails staying up-to-date on current best practices, monitoring changes to these standards, and mastering the use of automated optimisation tools.

Here are seven strategies to optimise images and videos for your Facebook ads:

#1: Prioritise Mobile-First Image Assets
Today, the majority of Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices. To align your ad images with this trend, use square (1080 x 1080 pixels) or portrait (1080 x 1350 pixels) formats. Portrait format, in particular, maximises visibility in mobile feeds. For Reels or Stories placements, utilise full-screen vertical images. You can customise creatives for specific placements in Ads Manager. Regardless of the format, ensure that your product or service takes centre stage in the image. Quality matters, but overly polished or staged creatives may not perform as well as lifestyle-oriented content.

#2: Diversify with Images and Videos 
Appeal to a broader audience by incorporating both images and videos into your campaigns. Utilise dynamic creative at the ad set level to combine up to 10 images and videos, along with different copy variations. Enable the "Optimise Creative for Each Person" option to maximise the effectiveness of this dynamic tool. For campaigns where detailed data is crucial, create separate ads for various creative combinations to assess performance accurately.

#3: Embrace Short Video Ads 
According to Meta's recent study, short videos offer a higher ROI. Use square and portrait formats for feed ads and full-screen vertical videos (1080 x 1920 pixels) for Reels placements. Third-party video editors like Vimeo and Canva offer vertical video templates optimised for Reels. Ensure your videos include text overlays, and make sure they’re strategically placed within the content.

#4: Automate Creative Optimisation with Meta's AI Tools 
Leverage Meta's AI tools, such as Advantage+ and dynamic creative, to streamline creative optimisation. Dynamic creative automatically generates ads tailored to individual users, while Advantage+ creative enhances uploaded creatives. Choose the option that aligns with your campaign objectives and creative needs.

#5: Promote User-Generated Content 
Consider using user-generated content (UGC) from influencers, brand ambassadors or customers to resonate with your target audience. Utilise Meta's branded content tools to simplify the process and gain proper permissions.

#6: Advertise Across Platforms
Extend your reach by advertising on Instagram as well as Facebook. Meta's study highlights the effectiveness of short videos on Instagram. Enable Advantage+ Placements at the ad set level to deliver ads across Meta platforms.

#7: Analyse Creative Reports 
Utilise Ads Manager's creative reports to assess the performance of different creative elements. Identify patterns in your top-performing creatives. You should use these insights to improve future campaigns.
Are you adopting these creative optimisation techniques? 

To elevate your Facebook ad campaigns, prioritise the enhancement of your creative assets. By adhering to best practices and harnessing automated tools, marketers can maximise the impact of their ad creatives, ultimately achieving a higher ROI and increasing short- and long-term conversions with minimal effort.

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