The 9 Biggest Web Design Trends for 2020

The 9 Biggest Web Design Trends for 2020

The web design industry continues to change and businesses that fail to adapt are soon left behind.

While change is inevitable (and the technical possibilities are pretty much endless), designers need to craft outstanding creations using innovative techniques and styles that endure, resonate and appeal.

Some of the biggest web design trends we can expect for 2020 are:

Minimalist Designs

Minimalist web designs will be big in 2020, with plenty of white space, balance, limited colors and a general stripped-back approach. Content will be given plenty of space to breathe on the page, while the simpler the site design, the easier it will be to navigate through.

Artificial Intelligence & Contextual Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting so many industries and web design is no exception. There are a number of web design tools that incorporate AI, making it quicker and easier to create the perfect website. With technology progressing at such a rapid rate, web designers who adopt AI web design tools are likely to reap incredible benefits going forward.

3D Rendering

With costs expected to drop and more design software tools making it available, we can expect to see a lot more 3D rendering as a major web design trend in 2020. And while you need to bear in mind how additions like this might affect loading times, it’s still exciting to see how the use of this technology will unravel in 2020.

User Focus

The most significant web design trend we can expect for 2020 is user focus. While this was important in 2019, in 2020, we can expect this trend to explode. Sites will be designed in the most user-friendly way possible, with the intention to keep users browsing for longer.

Data Collection

For 2020, data collection will be more important than ever, shaping the world of web design in brand new ways. We can expect to see a growing number of web designs that have been created based on user data and behavior.

Tailored Illustrations

Web design in 2020 will focus on telling compelling stories through the use of high-quality icons, photography, media and visuals that are tailored to a brand’s specific needs. All use of imagery will be extremely intentional; it will also be designed in a way that supports the company’s vision while crafting a unique brand identity.


Also known as UI animation, micro-interactions are a recent phenomenon involving tiny design elements intended to create a ‘human’ feeling website that delights audiences.

Examples of micro-interactions include responding to a user’s actions in real-time. For example, subtle design changes take place as they, as they fill out a form, such as color saturation to signal the field, has been filled in.

These intelligent micro-interactions give the user a more genuine experience, enabling them to interact on a tangible level. The user gets instant feedback, not just on an emotional level but on a sensory level too.

Overlapping Layers

Layering on a webpage is an enticing way to give depth to a website, creating an impression that there’s more to the site than meets the eye. The layered effect is achieved by placing elements on top of one another so that they are partly hidden from view, or by allowing additional content to come into view once clicked. Using plenty of white space keeps this look orderly and easy to absorb. It can be achieved using parallax scrolling and lightboxes or by strategically placing images or text one above the next.

Interactivity and Motion

Interactivity and motion trends in 2020 include full-screen video headers or animations, micro-animations that offer feedback when you hover or click on elements, and typography that runs across the screen. Motion should always be used strategically to avoid being distracting and should be used in a way that supports your website’s storytelling.

These are some of the most popular web design trends we can expect for 2020. You need to adopt at least some of these trends to stay ahead of the curve and competitive in 2020 and beyond.


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