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Where culinary excellence meets modern sophistication

MayaBay is a distinguished Thai & Japanese restaurant. Firstly established in Monaco in 2006 by the Maya Collection Group, this global restaurant franchise is now firmly established in Dubai, Porto Montenegro, and more cities to come, including Riyadh, Mykonos, London, and more!

The Challenge

Consolidating coherent branding materials for all restaurant franchisees and HQ. Seeking to maintain a consistent and unified brand identity across various touchpoints and communication channels.

Our Solution

Immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals and seamless user experience. With EWM’s touch, MayaBay’s essence has come alive – where innovation meets sophistication. Our expertise and work have allowed the MayaBay establishments to maintain a consistent visual positioning and achieve coherence through all branding aspects and communication initiatives.

Our Deliverables

Branding content (storytelling, mission, vision, and all brand identity aspects), branding visuals and collaterals (social media templates, wording and content, menus, email signatures).



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